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Los Nadurines descubren la felicidad en las pequeñas cosas de la vida

The Nadurines discover happiness in the small things in life

They say that the best things in life are free, and if you stop to think about it, it really is. Material objects can entertain us and help us have a good time, but it is not possible to put a price on what really makes us happy. March 20 is the World Happiness Day , so we take this opportunity to reflect a little on our customs.

Happiness in the little things in life

We have been with our mission to create awareness among humans to save planet Earth . And sometimes, although it is a thought that adults usually have, the idea of ​​“we will be happy when we have achieved it” or “we will finally be able to rest when everything is over” comes to mind.

However, we have realized that, in reality, We are already happy! Happiness is not a permanent state, because There is no permanent state . Or aren't there days in which animals and plants seem to smile more and flourish, while on others they seem more decayed and withered?

For humans and Nadurines , happiness is exactly the same. Sometimes we feel sad about the damage suffered by the environment and species that they dwell in it; Other days we feel anger and helplessness because we try hard and don't always seem to get results. But despite all this, We continue to be happy and excited to discover new things every day.

And because? Well, because the way we feel cannot depend on whether we achieve our goals or not. Nor can we focus all our attention on what is happening out there. And that is what World Happiness Day wants to convey. In what Feeling comfortable with yourself on a daily basis only depends on us.

Where can we find happiness

Has it happened to you that you are sad at school for some reason and your best friend shows up to make you laugh and suddenly it's like you've forgotten everything? Or get angry at home and mom give you a hug and tell you that he understands how you feel instead of scolding you? That's happiness!

We, the Nadurines, by observing the planet so much, have discovered other small Things in life that also help us feel happy . And we take advantage of World Happiness Day to tell you about them.

Do you get up early in the morning to go to school? Take advantage and look out the window and watch the sun rise . The colors are fascinating! Is there a stray cat always hanging around your house? Make him feel like someone cares and give him something to eat. Even if he can't speak, he will thank you very much! Is any friend or family member sad? Sit next to him and keep him company without saying anything . You will fill his heart with love! And the flowers? Have you stopped smell her perfume ever?

Happiness lies in doing small things that make us feel good. It doesn't matter if it's the examples we've given you or other simpler things like dancing, drawing, spending time with our family or counting the stars in the sky.

On this World Day of Happiness, remember that no matter what happens out there, we will always have everything that makes us feel good within our reach. Put it into practice for a while each day and you will see that the bad moments become less important.


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