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Cuida tú mismo a nuestros Nadurines en nuestra nueva APP

Take care of our Nadurines yourself in our new APP

Do you already know our friends Nadurines ?

With so many things to do, we needed some help, so we have invited you to participate with us in this mission. But that's not the only surprise we had in store! Now you can also interact with us thanks to our new app .

Nadurines App

What does the new Fun Surprises app consist of?


Take care of the planet It is something that we should all do naturally, that is, as part of our daily routine. In the same way that we pick up our room, the dishes on the table to wash them and leave them clean or we throw the garbage in the trash can and not on the floor, the correct thing would be do the same on the street and in nature.

However, for some reason, Humans have stopped thinking about the environment . The consequence is a huge amount of plastic packaging that we cannot get rid of, seas full of it and mountains and beaches also with remains of human passage. Why have we reached this point?

Luckily, there is always something that can be done. With this new app we want help you learn how you can take care of the planet and those around you. Thus, with your own example you can inspire other people to do the same. Making a chain is how we will make things change!

To do this, this app includes various games that will allow you to spend time with Neala, Nil and Petra . Can you remember what each of their favorite colors are and the names of their Toris?

All Nadurines

What can we play


If you know the hobbies of each of the Nadurines , it will be easier for you understand the meaning of each game . For example with Neala, who although she is a very responsible girl, is still very small. You can help her eat by giving her her porridge. But first, it will have to be prepared in the kitchen.

And how will you do it? Well, growing vegetables in the garden that you will later collect to Cook nutritious food . And not only delicious porridge! With plants as ingredients you can prepare bath products that will be completely natural. Do you know that you can also do it at home?

And to make it more realistic, as you plant your seeds and watch them grow by watering them, you will have to keep an eye on the moles what is on earth. They also have the right to enjoy the countryside, but don't let them destroy your garden!

Other games are the ice puzzle with Nil, the son of water. In it you will have to help the animals to reach their homes, which are located at the North Pole. Even though they belong to different species, animals help each other. And since humans are inhabitants of the same planet, why not participate?

Also related to water, you will find the lake game with Neala. In this, you will have to help her remove all the garbage that humans have dumped in it. It is causing a lot of damage to the fish and we want to see them happy again! And if your favorite is Petra, with her you can also play to recycle all the garbage you find. To do this, you will use the containers with the corresponding color.

By taking care of the planet and the other living beings that inhabit it, we can develop our empathy and obtain a higher level of awareness. If we who live here don't take care of our home, who is going to?


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