Morpheus is the god of sleep within Greek mythology and is often described as flapping its wings and flying quickly around the world. It seems that he has cast a spell on planet Earth, because the Nadurines have fallen asleep and there is no one to wake them up. We must help them!

Who is Morpheus and what is happening

As I told you, Morpheus belongs to the Greek mythology . Son of Hypnos, who represents sleep, and Nyx, who is the night, he is the god of sleep. Their mission was to create them for those who slept and for humans to appear in them.

We don't know exactly what has happened, but only us Toris are awake. Maybe we haven't completely lost our power and that's why it hasn't affected us, but we all the Nadurines They have fallen exhausted and there is no one to wake them up!

- Look Edison! Until Petra, who is pure energy, has fallen asleep , and has left her hair half done.

- Yes I know. I told him as his eyes were closing, but he didn't seem to hear me. It was as if a very deep sleep had taken over her and she had completely lost connection with the real world . And Malik is asleep too!

- Oh yes, but in Malik you already know what is normal. It does not worry me…

- Ha ha ha. Darwin this is serious! It's like what happens to humans with planet Earth. Do you think Morpheus will have something to do with it?

- I don't know, but who knows where in the world Morpheus will be now. We must join forces to make them wake up . Otherwise, we will all be lost.

- Let's go find Marie and Sally. Surely they come up with some plan.

Waking up is the only way out

Although humans are more likely to sleep too little than to spend too many hours in bed, they seem to be in a similar situation to that of the Nadurins with Morpheus. How you remember, They have forgotten the importance of taking care of the place where they live , and they live locked in their routine of working, thinking about themselves and looking for what makes them feel good.

And we have no problem with that, except when it involves irresponsible decisions. Plants and animals need attention and help , and living carefree and unaware can have dire consequences...


- Hello Sally, I'm saying something important...

- Yes, I know, I know... But I already have a plan and we should get to work. Don't you think?

- Okay, and what have you thought...

- Well, we are a team, and humans have become very individualistic and that is what makes them live oblivious to everything, like in a dream... So maybe We could try calling the Nadurines all together at the same time. It's not very original but you've already heard that Union make force .

- Let's go there! It sure works!

And it worked! Never underestimate the power of joining forces, so when you have a problem, seek the support of others.