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Los Nadurines aprenden a ir en bicicleta

The Nadurines learn to ride a bicycle

April 19 is the World bicycle Day; a comfortable, free and also respectful means of transportation for our friend the Earth! Now that spring has begun and the good weather will soon arrive, we have decided to try something new for us and learn to ride a bicycle. And you, do you already know how to ride?

World Bicycle Day

We have been celebrating World Bicycle Day for a short time, but taking into account that the situation on the planet has begun to be worrying, it is normal that we try give visibility to this means of transport .

By celebrating this day, we aim to let all humans know that the bicycle is our invention and that it has great utility. Unlike cars and motorcycles, It does not pollute , since it only needs the strength of our legs to move forward.

The number of cars and motorcycles continues to grow year after year, and that makes traffic jams increasingly bigger. Since the roads are the same size, the greater the number of vehicles, We will have to go slower because we will all be taking up space what is there to circulate. It makes sense, right?

In addition to traffic, World Bicycle Day reminds us that vehicle pollution It pollutes the air we breathe . In some cities it is easy to see, since the sky loses its characteristic blue color. Is it like that in your city?

So, for all these reasons, We have wanted to learn to ride a bicycle . Well, not all, because Malik He has fallen asleep... It doesn't even surprise us anymore! Since to petra He loves to learn new things, he has launched his first one, and we must admit that he has done very well! At the moment we are using four wheels until we improve our balance. Isn't it difficult for you to look ahead instead of at your feet?

Benefits of riding a bicycle

If you have a bicycle at home but you have never learned to use it or you don't usually ride it, we want to tell you some benefits that we have discovered while we have been practicing. And if you don't have one yet, maybe it's a good time to get one.

We exercise a lot

Wow yes! We are done with sores all over the body after our practice session. Maybe it was more because of the tension and nerves than really because of what we pedaled. The first few days it is a little difficult to maintain balance, that is why, as we have told you, we chose to place the two auxiliary wheels. It all depends on your skills!

We can walk as a family

Sometimes you don't know what to do spend a different time with your family ? The bicycle can help you! If you have a park near your house, you can go for a walk on the weekend by pedaling a little. And if everyone doesn't like it, there are other possibilities like skates. Everything will go smoothly!

We take care of the environment

You already know how our friend the Earth suffers from pollution and the habits of human beings. Use the bicycle not only helps you take care of it , but also It will serve as an example for other people .

Remember that April 19th marks World Bicycle Day. If you have the opportunity to go out for a walk with her, don't pass it up!


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