It has been proven that being in contact with nature relieves both our physical discomfort and the way we feel. Aren't you relieved to go out and play in the park after spending hours at school? And why do you enjoy it much more when you get dirty with mud than if you pay attention to keeping your shoes clean? Today we want to tell you some Games for children that you can put into practice in the forest. Let's have fun!

Games for boys and girls in nature

Playing not only serves to have fun and feel happy, it is also the best way to learn something new. That's why, when we start going to school, it's practically the only thing we do. We explore our environment, we discover our own abilities , how to relate to others and everything around us and a long etcetera that has no end.

However, games for boys and girls in nature do not have any limitations, since we can find all kinds of colors, shapes, sizes, smells, sounds or textures. And with all that around us it is not only possible to experiment, but also we can develop our imagination and entertain ourselves with everything we discover as we want. And if you go to the forest, maybe you'll get lucky and see the fantastic animals what live there!

The tracker

For the first of the games for boys and girls it is necessary that we be a group of several components. In this way, we can form two teams. One of the teams will have to find different objects from nature, such as branches, leaves, seeds, etc.

When we have them, we will blindfold a person from the other team and they will have to guess what it is through smell and touch . Try to be original! And you are few, you can do it individually. It is a good idea if we have younger brothers or sisters who are not yet familiar with the environment.

Find the way

Since the forest, like all nature, has multitude of objects of various shapes , another of the games for boys and girls that we propose is to find one in particular. That is, some adult, for example, may specify a specific size or shape, such as an “L” or a “Y”. The game consists of those who participate will have to look for any object that fits them, such as branches, leaves, etc.

Time to explore

Do you consider yourself an observant person? Do you think you can be faster than your friends? With the third of the games for boys and girls you can check it out! It is that, in turns, someone collects various objects they find, but they are not worth the first stone we see or any leaf. Look for something different and difficult to see! When you have obtained them, you will have to show them to the next or following participants and your mission will be to discover similar ones. The key is knowing how to pay attention!

We hope that with these three games for boys and girls you will have fun in the forest or any other place in nature. Remember, however, the importance of leaving everything back in its environment and not taking it home. We must be respectful of the environment!