We have already started back to school, and that means that fall is about to arrive. But luckily, it is still quite hot and it is barely noticeable that we have practically reached the end of summer. To stay cool, we have decided to learn how to make homemade ice cream . Do you want to learn too?

Why make ice cream at home

Going to the supermarket and buying ice cream there is much more convenient than making it at home. But it's like that with anything we want to have. We always emphasize that we not only like to learn how to make what we want, whether it be costumes , games or, in this case, homemade ice cream. But it is also much healthier and also respectful of the environment. You know why?

Well, it's very simple. Ice cream or everything we buy at the supermarket comes with a wrapper, and in addition, it has to travel many kilometers to reach the shelves and refrigerators. All of this means contamination and goes against the mission we have .

But it's not just about taking care of the planet! It is useless to take care of our home if we do not first take care of our own body . That could also be considered our home! The ice cream they sell ready-made, like so many other products, contain a lot of sugar, syrups and preservatives that in reality, no matter how good they taste, are not good for us at all. And our teeth are the first to notice it! It's okay for the Tooth Fairy to visit us, but it's not necessary that we leave him with chopped teeth. If you remember its history you will know why it needs them in good condition.

How to make homemade ice cream

Well, now it is. Let's tell each other what we have learned about homemade ice cream . As you surely know, on the one hand there are the creamiest ice creams that come with a cone, and on the other hand there are the lollies . Here we are going to talk about the latter, which are easier to make but allow you to vary the flavor as much as you want.

What are you going to need? Fruit , such as mangoes, peaches, oranges, strawberries or any other that you like a lot; yogurt , if you want it to be creamier; A mixer; molds to place them in, and wooden sticks or any equivalent to remove them. As a small reminder, plastic spoons are very polluting…

We have opted for mangoes, and we have also taken a little cocoa powder and grated coconut. We didn't mention these two ingredients before, but that's because we're improvising. Take a look at what you have at home , there's sure to be something interesting for your homemade ice creams!

Thus, we have put two mangoes in the blender with a little cocoa and coconut, we have blended it and then we have filled some spaces in the refrigerator. For the others, we added a little yogurt and blended again. And with this mixture we fill the remaining gaps. Then it goes to the freezer and you have to be a little patient , because sometimes they need even 24 hours to freeze well. Do you think you can wait?

Now you also know how to prepare homemade ice cream! Do you dare to make yours?