Hello girls and boys! How has back to school been? This year is undoubtedly being special for many reasons, but it is important to remember that everything passes. You just have to give it time! Meanwhile, Darwin and I have come up with a game that, in addition to making us have fun, helps us prepare our minds for this new course. It consists of guessing words ! Do you want to know more to play too? Well go ahead!

Word guessing games

Maybe you have never realized it, but playing is how we learn best. Therefore, when we return home from school, the ideal is not to have to continue doing homework that never ends, but to be able to play to stimulate our mind and have fun . Isn't it easier for you to remember the lyrics of a song you like than to memorize a text from school? Well now you know why!

The games we have come up with consist of guessing words. That is, one of us thinks of one and the other has to guess it, or also invent new ones based on one that we already know. Let's Play!

Guess the word

The first of the games is the simplest in terms of how it works, but be careful! It is not so simple to discover what word it is. To make it a little easier, you can choose categories , such as animals, vehicles, colors or anything you can think of. You're going to need a lot of creativity to explain some of them, but that's what it's all about! You can take turns so as not to get tired, whether the other participating person gets it right or not.

The chained

For the next game you will also have to be very attentive and very quick to come up with words, since the objective is to make a chain . Hence its name! The person who starts will say any word, such as “window”, and the next person who participates will have to say another word but that starts with the last syllable, that is “na”.

Some valid ones would be “Christmas”, “birth”, “nature” or “nobody”. And so, the next one would have to say another word with the last of the syllables. But if you look closely, some make it very difficult for the next participant, as would be the case with Christmas, since there are no words that have “dad” as the first syllable. This is a problem? No! It is a challenge so that in addition to thinking a word quickly, you take into account whether it allows you to continue with the game.

The alphabeth

The third of our word games is Darwin's favorite, because since he only has to follow the order of the letters, he doesn't have to try too hard. But that's because it doesn't know how much memory it has to use! Not only do you have to take turns saying a word that comes to mind following the order of the alphabet , but each time you have to repeat all the previous ones, and of course also in the same order! So the lyrics are just a little help.

And these are our guessing and word search games. You'll see how your memory and imagination improve while you have fun! Do you dare to try?