The Christmas holidays are approaching and the little ones in the house the holidays begin . A few weeks to enjoy with the family and a perfect opportunity to put into practice children's Christmas games . You dare?

The most fun children's Christmas games

To have a good time you don't need to have too much. If we are in good company and we also have some ideas to Enjoy a fun time , you don't need to ask for anything more. So if this year we want the holidays to be unforgettable, we cannot miss these children's Christmas games.

knock down dolls

You already know that we always bet on make our own creations at home thanks to the crafts . Anything we have that we believe is no longer useful can have a second life. It is enough to use our imagination and think beyond the idea in front of us.

Our suggestion today is create snowmen with small boxes cardboard and paint them white. We can also decorate them with buttons, cardboard or scraps. Or if you prefer to look for a theme other than Christmas, You can also paint them brown and create Darwin . Of course, do not stick some boxes together. The first of the Christmas games consists of throwing a small ball to knock them down. Do you test your aim?

Reach for the fir tree

For the second of the children's Christmas games we have two options. Either we use a Christmas tree that we have left over or We are looking for an alternative based on branches from other trees , but they are already fallen! It is important that each one has more branches in turn, since this game consists of throwing rings.

If your resource is the second, you can even Try decorating a reindeer and placing the branches as antlers . You know who Rudolph is! And if you don't have rings, you can create them with cardboard. Once everything is ready and we will try to get the hoops to hang from the horns.

Discover the content

Socks and hats hanging over the fireplace They are not just a classic in holiday movies. It is likely that at home you have also started to place them so that Santa Claus left us some extra gifts. Well, they can also be used for another of the children's Christmas games!

Place anything you like inside; candies, small toys... The game consists of Each person will have to touch the hat or sock with their hands and identify what is inside.

Dunk the ball

The last of our children's Christmas games also consists of having good aim. With cardboard we can Create a giant tree and draw circles on it . We will cut each one of them so that they become a hole.

With balls that we have at home, or that we create ourselves, We will try to make them fall into each of the holes. To add difficulty you can mark each hole with a color and paint the balls with the same color, so each one will only go in a specific hole.

We hope you have a great time with these children's Christmas games. Happy Holidays!