Dolls made in Spain ❤︎
Muñecas hechas en España ✔︎

Dolls made in Spain ✔︎

Now that we can not only buy in physical stores, but also online, we have dolls at our disposal from any corner of the world. Although it is an advantage, it also has a negative impact on local commerce. Therefore, today we want you to know some dolls made in Spain!

Why buy dolls made in Spain?


Since the expansion of the Internet, a whole world of possibilities opens up to us when shopping , since physical distance is no longer an inconvenience. And although some orders may take a long time to reach us, the reduced price of some products or the simple option to access them makes it worth it.

However, we want to remember that you have to be careful when making purchases in certain countries . We explained this to you when we talked about how to know if a reborn baby is original . Counterfeits abound on the Internet and it is very complex to value a product through a photograph and without knowing exactly the origin of the dolls or who made them.

One way to buy dolls with greater guarantees is to do so nationally. That is, bet on manufacturers that are in our country, that are of quality and that can certify their items . Also, remember that some dolls are made by hand, so they are often small businesses and not large or multinational companies.

The best dolls made in Spain

Antonio Juan

Daniela reborn doll by Antonio Juan

This family business, born in Alicante in 1958, manufactures handcrafted dolls with careful attention to detail that have traveled around the world . They comply with all European and American regulations related to safety, are committed to sustainability and spread a sustainable mentality to educate in values. Some reborn dolls from Fun Surprises are from Antonio Juan ! Do you know them?


Sofia doll from Guca

Guca is another of the brands that you will find in Fun Surprises . Also from Onil and with 20 years of experience manufacturing handmade dolls, they specialize in vinyl and silicone reborn dolls with natural hair , for which they have a patent.


Zoe doll from the Arias brand

In addition to reborn dolls, Arias manufactures other types of dolls , such as mannequins or Elegance dolls, of different sizes. It also has toys, accessories, cars and wooden furniture to use with the dolls. He has more than 40 years of experience.

Paola Reina

Paola Reinas Mulecas

After 25 years in the sector, Paola Reina 's dolls They have evolved a lot since their first designs. Today, its catalog includes different collections, such as the Gordis, the Gorjuss or the Minipikolines, sizes and varied skin tones or themes that include equal professions for girls and women .

The Doll Factory

The Doll Factory

Its name may make us believe that it is a foreign brand, but it turns out that it is also national! They make handmade dolls for children's education and adult vocational training , and not only for their own collection, but also for other brands, such as Surpresas Dipuestas. In back of the Nadurines , is The Doll Factory .

If you want quality dolls made in Spain and with all the necessary guarantees, visit the Fun Surprises store ! You will receive them at home in a very short time, with a manufacturing certificate and they will be just as you see them on the websites.

Bet on national brands!

Nadurines in their boxes


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