A simple glance at any shelf in a toy store is enough to observe the obvious differences between toys intended for boys and girls. Pink or blue and care or action. Although we tend to believe that it is the result of each sex's own preferences, the reality is that the lack of options imposed from the cradle leads them to inevitably identify with the only thing they know. Today, we want to tell you why traditional dolls for girls should also be present in children's education.

Why do we still classify toys?

The attribution of dolls to girls and balls or cars to boys is not the only difference that is made in childhood . From the very birth, they are marked with earrings. A seemingly harmless ornament that is not only painful, but is the first aesthetic imposition of many.

The color pink for girls transmits sweetness, delicacy and love , since in the future, their role will be to care for and offer support to those who need it. On the contrary, blue has a multitude of meanings and is combined with other colors such as green, red or yellow. Broadly speaking, they are taught courage, strength or power .

Dolls for girls facilitate awareness and are a first practice of what will be considered their main role as adults: motherhood . Babies, kitchens and cleaning sets. For them, cars, sports, creation and construction toys , tools and anything that allows them to develop their skills.

What is the message of dolls for girls?

As we have seen, each toy has a purpose. Dolls for girls seek to awaken empathy, a sense of responsibility and solidarity . But it is not possible to achieve a just world if only half of the population is aware of the importance of getting involved in these tasks.

For this reason, if we want a society in which there is truly equality, both girls and boys must learn to get involved in household chores and caring for others , particularly their own sons and daughters. Playing with dolls is a great way to achieve this. Considering that these types of toys are only for them is to reaffirm the belief that such tasks and care are only the responsibility of women.

In Funny Surprises, our Nadurines dolls don't understand sex , and both Nelea and Petra and Nil and Malik share activities and hobbies. Our goal is that both girls and boys can identify with them and learn values ​​through their message .

If we want a world that is more respectful of the planet, of other species, and of people themselves, both boys and girls should experiment equally with all toys . This implies that they must access options that challenge them and they must teach them to take responsibility for others.

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