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¿Cómo conseguir un bebe Reborn en 24 horas?

How to get a Reborn baby in 24 hours?

If you would like to give a special gift this Christmas and you are a little short on time, at Fun Surprises we have good news for you. Now you can get a reborn baby in just 24 hours! Do you want to know how? We tell you how to get it!

Give a reborn baby

Reborn babies are those dolls that have a very high degree of realism , both in their appearance at first glance and to the touch. Since it is made with a handmade process and uses materials such as vinyl or silicone, the result is more realistic than traditional ones made with plastic.

These materials, as well as the paint that is applied manually, manage to reproduce small details such as the pink tone of the skin or the veins on the face. In addition, the body is much softer and more flexible, giving the impression that it is a real baby and not a doll. Of course, keep in mind that for this reason they are heavier than plastic ones, so they are recommended for boys and girls over six years old.

Although we already talked to you about the advantages of giving a reborn baby , We like to emphasize that they are an excellent way to learn empathy and responsibility for the people around us. But it is not only about taking care of others, but the boy or girl will be able to develop their motor skills while dressing or undressing the doll, giving it a bottle or a bath.

Clothing and accessories are made with size and ease of handling in mind. In this way, they are a fantastic exercise and good practice for gaining precision with your hand movements .

Get your reborn baby in just 24 hours

And now comes the good news. At Fun Surprises we know that these dates are truly crazy . In addition to gifts for the whole family, we must add dinner preparations, decorations and a long list of activities that never seem to end.

Therefore, to save you time and also ensure that your gift will be absolutely unique and special , we promise to prepare your order as soon as we receive confirmation and send it within 24 hours, so that you receive it as soon as possible .

This promotion is only available to those who reside in peninsular territory . Although we would like to be able to also reach the rest of the areas as quickly, transportation requires more time and it becomes impossible to meet the deadline. But even though it will take a few more days, don't stop ordering your reborn baby from us! We make orders to all countries in the world . Check the conditions here !

In addition to different baby options with brands specialized in this type of creations, such as Guca or Antonio Juan , you can opt for our reborn boxes and baskets . Inside them you will find the reborn doll and all the necessary accessories , such as the bottle, several sets of clothes, bib, rattle and many other things. And all wrapped as gifts to make opening the box even more special!

You still have time to get your reborn baby for this Christmas. However, keep in mind that some are manufactured in very few units . Visit our store now and discover the entire collection!


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