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If you use social media, the term influencers will be familiar to you. It refers to those people who become very popular on the Internet and who influence those who follow them. Today, we want to talk about influencer dolls , which, therefore, are the ones that are succeeding online and have millions of followers. I'm sure you already know some of them!

What are the influential dolls of the moment?

Although there are dolls and brands that always remain current no matter what, from time to time new ones appear whose concept represents a revolution . Thus, thousands, and even millions, of girls and boys become loyal followers and turn these characters into influencer dolls .

On this occasion, we have taken a look at the most popular videos on the Internet and we have prepared a selection of the dolls that are causing a sensation . Here we leave them for you in case there are any that you don't know!


Barbie is the main representative of influencer dolls that never go out of style . For six decades, it has remained one of the favorites, since year after year it continues to launch new models that adapt to the current times.

But in addition to the variety of dolls and the fact that their bodies are articulated , their success is also due to the large number of accessories they have. However, we cannot ignore that they are elitist and sexist, and that they present an unrealistic beauty canon for the majority of women . For this reason, the brand also has some more inclusive lines, such as fashionista, inclusive and multiracial Barbies.




Ladybug, or Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug , is a French television series that tells the story of two teenagers: Marinette and Adrien . Both have the power to transform into superheroines ; Ladybug and Cat Noir, through some magical jewels. While the first creates, the second represents destruction, and together they protect the city of Paris from villains. Since they are an interesting alternative for girls to countless heroes, they have become influencer dolls!

Influencer dolls: LOL Surprise!

LOL Surprise

The LOL Surprise! dolls, whose meaning is little outrageous little , are small in size and come wrapped in a ball with several layers of paper, which also includes different accessories and drawings . On the Internet it is possible to find countless videos with them as the protagonists.

Nah! Nah! Nah! Surprise

Na Na Na Surprise

They share with the previous ones the surprise that it is not possible to know from the outside which doll it is, although they have a sticker that gives a clue . They are small in size, soft, articulated and fashion savvy . They are from the same manufacturer as the previous ones.


Neala and Petra 

The Nadurines , since they are not a product of multinational brands, cannot compete as influencer dolls with the previous ones. But we want to include them here because we have made these dolls known from our Fun Surprises YouTube channel, they are the official product and therefore our No. 1 influencers, thanks to social networks, the Nadurines are dolls known all over the world through their adventures on video.

Besides , from Fun Surprises we are committed to diversity and distance ourselves from frequent topics about fashion or beauty. The Nadurines are girls and boys who live together as equals and who dedicate their time to taking care of themselves and the environment that surrounds them. A commitment to nature and those who live in it that includes multiple lessons about empathy and responsibility.

If you want to know more about them, in our online store you will find them with their Toris. And if you don't know who they are, visit the blog and find out everything about them!


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