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La experiencia de comprar una CAJA REBORN de Sorpresas Divertidas

The experience of buying a REBORN BOX of Fun Surprises

At Fun Surprises we like to incorporate new products into our store and innovate with those we already have. Always manufactured by hand and betting on materials that are respectful of the environment. One of our latest creations are the reborn boxes ; a combination of products for these dolls. Today we tell you about the exciting preparation process!

What is a reborn box

Reborn Sofia Box

In case you don't know them yet, we invite you to discover our reborn boxes here. With it you have the opportunity to take home some of our reborn dolls , from brands like Guca or Antonio Juan. Both with a completely handmade creation process, with excellent quality and very realistic finishes.

But in addition to these dolls, we add a multitude of items, such as clothing and accessories, that will not only make the game much more fun, but will help boys and girls develop their motor skills . As? Well, taking off and putting on their clothes, giving them a bottle (magical!) or combing their hair.

What does a reborn box come with and how to prepare it

reborn box accessories

To prepare a reborn box, first take the packaging itself, made entirely of cardboard . They come folded and we must assemble them to be able to put the contents. Did you know that we have one specifically for reborn babies? We love them!

Most of the items we put inside are wrapped in very soft greaseproof paper that bears the Fun Surprises logo . Not only do we protect them from damage, but you will enjoy unwrapping them as if they were gifts! At Christmas they were a huge success!

And what are these items that we place inside ? A dudu, which is a stuffed animal with a blanket; a set of hat and mittens and a blanket. Then the clothes are chosen , which consist of pants, a bodysuit, pajamas, a set of overalls and some shoes. But also, a rattle, a bib, some diapers and a magic bottle.

And that's it? Of course not! Because the most important thing of all is missing. The reborn doll you have chosen! This one comes from the factory with its own box, but we removed it to put it in ours. Of course, the certificate of authenticity, your blanket or the accessories you bring do go with it.

A blanket that is for real babies is used to wrap her , which increases the feeling of realism. However, we also covered his face. Because? Well, because being realistic, and no matter how much you know what their face is, since you have chosen it, it is a real surprise to see what they are like when you have them in your hand and not through the screen.

The final touch

Customize your reborn box

When everything is ready, the reborn box is carefully filled to protect the reborn baby and closed . On the outside, two stickers are placed . One of them is a thank you for purchasing from a small store and the second is customizable. That is, in it we will write the name of the person who will receive the box.

Finally, a small gift is added, which to discover what it is you just have to watch this video where you will see everything we have told you here regarding the reborn box . And if you want to get yours, here you can see what we have available !


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