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El mensaje educativo que transmiten las muñecas

The educational message that dolls transmit

Playing with dolls is not something for girls, as we have already talked about on another occasion . The reason is that through these not only motor skills are developed, but values ​​and responsibility towards others are also learned. If you don't know what the educational message of the dolls is, stay because today we will explain it to you!

What is the educational message of the Nadurines?

Tale of the Nadurines

We start with the Nadurines because they are the dolls we work with in Fun Surprises. If you still don't know his story, you can read it here . Due to their characteristics, they are suitable for boys and girls of practically any age , since they are light in weight and the accessories they come with have a minimum size to avoid risks.

But beyond the fact that they allow them to learn tasks such as combing their hair or dressing , which they can then apply to themselves, they also come accompanied by an educational message that goes beyond our species.


The Nadurines' mission is to promote care for the planet and respect for animals and plants , both by minors and adults. To do this, they not only propose activities such as beach cleaning, ways to save water or reduce rampant consumerism. But in addition, their own packaging relies on recyclable and reusable elements without single-use plastic and they have anApp where you learn by playing to be more responsible people and committed to the environment .

Nadurines App

What other dolls have an educational message?

In addition to the Nadurines, there are other dolls on the market that also aim to give an educational message . Unlike others that have been part of several generations, such as Barbie, which focus almost exclusively on aesthetics and promote an ideal of unreal and totally unattainable beauty. Not to mention that said pressure always falls on the woman or, in this case, the girl.
Dawn syndrome doll

The Doll Factory Europe is a brand that is committed to education and inclusion , which is why it is the manufacturer of the Nadurines. Beyond our dolls, in 2015 we launched a collection of six Down Syndrome dolls . Of Spanish nationality, 95% of her dolls are exported to other countries.

Through these, boys and girls who suffer from a disability or pathology can identify with these dolls and their educational message, since they are given visibility within a society where perfection must be achieved at all costs.

Lottie dolls also give girls and women an active role in our society . Because motherhood and domestic care and care for others are not marked in the genes, but rather it is a cultural learning that is determined by gender. These dolls break stereotypes and present archaeologists, astronomers, astronauts, inventors, photographers... And not only with white skin, but also black.

If you are looking for dolls with an educational message to teach values ​​and responsibility to your sons and daughters, bet on the Nadurines! And if you want to discover all the activities we propose, follow us on our channel !


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