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10 curiosidades de las muñecas Nadurines

10 curiosities about Nadurines dolls

If you follow the Nadurines on our YouTube channel or if you read us from the blog, you may know many details about them. But if you have arrived recently or you have missed some news, today we will tell you 10 curiosities about the Nadurines dolls . Join us!

10 curiosities about Nadurines dolls


The first Nadurines are Neala and Darwin

If you haven't followed the entire history of the Nadurins closely from the beginning, you probably don't know that they didn't all come at once on their mission to take care of the Earth, but that Neala and her Tori Darwin were the first of the eight . Specifically, they did it in 2018. How long has it been!

Darwin was a bear


As happens to us humans, each individual has certain characteristics. And although the idea is that Darwin was always a hamster, his appearance at first was closer to that of an endearing bear .

Arrival of the other Nadurines dolls

In December 2019, the other Nadurines who are part of the channel today joined the team : Nil, Petra and Malik, with their respective Toris, Mari, Edison and Sally. Do you know where their names come from? In the story of the Nadurines you can discover it!

There is a Nadurines App

Nadurines App

Another curiosity about the Nadurines dolls is that they have theirown application . Bring different educational games, such as putting clothes on one of them, doing an ice puzzle, cleaning a lake or recycling . You can download it whenever you want!

Best-selling Nadurines


Neala , perhaps because she has been with us the longest, is the one that sells the most. The second best seller of the Nadurines dolls is Petra . Probably because of her beautiful hair!

Total sales number

In the last year, the total number of Nadurines dolls that have been sold has risen to 1,260. But these only directly from the Fun Surprises online store.

Sustainable packaging

The Nadurines boxes are sustainable. In addition to being made of cardboard to minimize the amount of plastic we use, they are also reusable . You can put your name on it and turn it into a crib or means of transportation for your Nadurín. Remember that reusing is one of the 3 R's that we should all apply in our lives. Here we tell you what they are !

National manufacturing

Nadurines dolls are made in Spain. Years ago we went to a fair in Germany where the world's leading manufacturers met . What a surprise to know that it was not necessary to travel so much!

The first design was in Photoshop

The first design of the Nadurines dolls was in Photoshop . But since our knowledge is somewhat limited, we opted for someone professional who was in charge of creating the ones we now have in the store. What a change!

New designs

Petra Design Change

These dolls that you still see are part of the first edition of the Nadurines. We will have new ones very soon! We want them to look more like the drawings , but also reduce the consumption of materials that harm the planet . Soon, Nadurines will only be available alongside their Tori, so there will be fewer boxes. And these are also going to be renewed.

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    Petra y Edison
    Petra and Edison

    Petra and Edison

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    Neala y Darwin
    Neala and Darwin

    Neala and Darwin

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