Toys for 9 year old boys and girls

At nine years old, both boys and girls can play with everything they want, but among so many options, what toys can be the most stimulating, educational and enjoyable for the little ones?

Although it may sound contradictory, play is a very serious matter for this age, since it is an activity full of learning and we should not underestimate its importance.

Today we will delve into answering this question, but we will advance something: don't miss out on the fun! And although it may not seem like it, without fun there is no learning. In fact, learning is a great ally of play at these ages.

Let's start!

First of all: some tips

The first thing you should know is that at the age of nine or ten, boys and girls move further away than ever from imagination and fantasy and begin to understand the world from a more realistic perspective.

It is known that at these ages one can become fully aware of death, of how living beings die and their physical presence does not return. At this age it is also common to begin to develop talents and greater interest in games that involve socialization, construction and competition.

In general, the challenges are very well received, and in the same way, we recommend that each toy be simple and versatile as well as attractive enough to propose new challenges to the little ones. Now, we mention some toys and activities that you may like the most:



Nadurines dolls and figurines are safe for babies 18 months and older and can be used by older and older children alike without any problems. Remember: there is no problem with your little one's tastes as long as they are happy! Don't let anyone tell you that you're too old for "those toys."

They are also educational dolls because, from their little boxes to the fantastic stories about the Nadurines, they transmit a vital and direct message: We must pamper and take care of the planet! Furthermore, we firmly believe in overcoming gender barriers and respecting all people, whatever their qualities.

And it is that the Nadurines They are sons and daughters of basic elements such as air, water or earth. We have strived to express this not only in speech but with actions: they are created respecting the environment! And you can corroborate this in the description of each of the Nadurines .

reborn dolls

Guca reborn baby dolls

Reborn baby dolls are baby dolls specially designed to be as similar as possible to real babies. With what purpose? To live an experience close to what it is like to have a baby, whether you are a mother or hope to be one, or as it is more appropriate to mention here: as a boy or girl who wants know, enjoy and play with this experience!

A toy like reborn dolls offers boys and girls a first enjoyable and substantial approach to their parents' lives, what babies can be like and their different needs. What is best is that these types of baby dolls exist at different prices and are usually found handmade and personalized, like the ones created by our ally. Coco Reborn .

Board and card games

Not everything can be toys like dolls because, as we see, there are games that, without being toys literally, are very stimulating for boys and girls. From chess to ludo and more elaborate board games like Monopoly, they all have something in common. What thing? Well, they are a great opportunity to delve into concepts such as justice, camaraderie, chance and competition, values ​​that are still important to nurture and understand at nine years old, and later too!

science toys

A beautiful subcategory of toys are those that in one way or another are related to the world of science and mathematics: binoculars, telescopes or chemistry sets. These games will awaken the innate curiosity of the little ones and invite them to revive their imagination, love knowledge and even understand the world better and by extension, improve their grades!

Of course, all this can be very beneficial for their development, but the important thing is that we do not saturate the boy or girl with only one type of game or toy, but that it is diverse and without pressure. And why is it important to remember this? To avoid frustration and assess your little one's needs: if in the end he or she loves (or doesn't) a scientific toy, let it be up to your own judgment!

Multigame table

As its name indicates, it is a table with several boards that can be attached with different games, such as chess, ping pong, foosball... These tables, or tables, are smaller than what some types of games normally require, but they are usually portable. and very versatile.

How much they cost? Well, there are on the market for all types of budgets and tastes, with 3 generic types of multigame table: fixed, desktop and folding. Ideal to enjoy alone or in company and at any age, in fact, it is a nice opportunity for parents and children to have a great time.


A true classic that guarantees a good dose of entertainment, of course, loaded with analysis. How many times have you told us how skilled you have to be to solve a puzzle? Well, skill is achieved by practicing! With an introductory guide from parents and, of course, choosing a relatively simple puzzle, we can offer a good time of fun that counts as mental exercise.

Building games

All construction and rule games are very popular at ages 9 to 11, why? There are no shortage of reasons!: it helps improve understanding, body control and spatial reasoning, increases concentration and reduces stress, etc.

The toys corresponding to this section are puzzles, bridges and trains. Furthermore, these toys and others imply a regulated game: one that follows rules and should not be broken, which translates into important lessons of discipline, respect and patience for boys and girls.

What games does your little one like the most? At the end of the day, remember that it is also important experiment : don't be afraid to do new things with your son or daughter and see how they grow with different gaming experiences . Whatever he likes to do, respect it: toys and games are to be enjoyed without judgment!