Accessories for reborn dolls

Accessories for reborn dolls are one of the most enjoyable and fun parts of the experience of having a doll of these characteristics in our lives. The best thing is that, actually, We can have as accessories any clothes, toys, etc. that are for real babies , and we could even play with them with some accessories for conventional toys!

There are many options and throughout this article we will see a few accessories that your reborn baby cannot be missing. You will have already seen a large part of these accessories on our Fun Surprises channel, so you will be closer than ever to the cute products used by our sweet Anuk or Lindea, among others! And of course, as the philosophy of the Nadurines is expressed in Fun Surprises: they are all quality artisan products, made in Spain and with great respect for nature.

Stay! Because right now we will mention some of our store news in this regard.

Go for it!

Reborn boxes

Sofia reborn box

We started in a big way and it's because we decided to mention our line of Reborn boxes first. And we have decided to offer the reborn dolls in our store not only with the typical packaging with a manual and a pacifier, but we have special editions that consist of 12 more accessories, from the hand of the specialists in Reborn art, which are the workshops. of Guca dolls and Antonio Juan dolls.

The most curious thing about this? Many of the accessories are for real babies! And that includes:

  • 1 bottle
  • 2 diapers
  • 1 pair of reborn shoes
  • 1 Doudou
  • Various sets of clothes

Among other items. We wrap everything in greaseproof paper and the box has a nice sticker where you can put the name of the person who will receive this beautiful gift. Núria, founder of Fun Surprises, supervises each box closely and quality is guaranteed. Not for nothing is she a reference in the sector! And of course, if you already know the YouTube channel, you probably already know the adorable Sofía, Carlitos or Daniela dolls, which are one of those available in our store in the Reborn Boxes section. If you want to know more, we invite you to our post with more details about this product.

Pacifiers and bottles

White pacifier with chain for dolls

Maybe your thing is not to buy a special box with twelve accessories but to go little by little and choose one by one the accessory that you like the most. In this case, something that cannot be missing is a good pacifier or a collection of these. What should pacifiers be like? Well, make sure that the material is quite soft, preferably silicone, so that it works well in the reborn's mouth.

Regarding baby bottles, there are probably even broader options on the market. But as Núria says, the truth is that it can be difficult to find one that we like in all aspects.

That's why so far the favorite bottle in this house is the magic bottle from the Antonio Juan allied workshop, which has a very comfortable and beautiful design! Not for nothing is it a star product of this artisanal doll workshop with more than sixty years in the market.

Magic Bottle

Where can you buy and read more about it? Well of course, in our Blog You can see why we like this reborn bottle so much and you can buy it from our store.


Crib for reborn babies

Ok, we know that reborns are meant to look as much like real babies as possible, so, also, the way to play with them is to imitate the life of a real baby and their daily life. And, of course, what element cannot be missing in this fantastic game? Well, a crib!

The crib is the resting and sheltering place for the reborn to keep them in excellent condition. In addition, it is the ideal place where you can feed them and change their clothes. From here We have a crib for Nadurines and for Reborn dolls. The specific crib for reborn babies has verifiable resistance and it is likely that you have already seen it on our YouTube channel, since Lindea has enjoyed it several times. Isn't it a beautiful crib?


Basket reborn outfits

Perhaps the activity that demands the most time and offers the most fun. It is also a perfect activity for us to share with little ones because they will notice first-hand the level of dedication and care that a real baby needs.

And of course, if we talk about boys or girls around 6 years old or so, it also has its advantages! Because if they play with the Reborn dolls when dressing them, they will be able to develop their own motor skills and thus have a broader perspective of themselves.

Almost anything goes with clothes, as long as we make sure the material is friendly to the reborn's silicone. We can use real baby clothes and even clothes we have created here for our Nadurines. The limit is in each person's imagination!
Do you want to see more?

Well, as we said at the beginning, almost any accessory and toy is suitable for a reborn baby than for a real baby, apart from that, from the channel you will surely have seen many beautiful toys and accessories that we have briefly reviewed. Although we do not have time to comment on them all, we do leave you our Amazon profile where you will see many of the products that the channel's reborn babies have fun with.

There you will see:

  • Cribs
  • Pacifiers
  • Clothing selected by Núria
  • diaper bags
  • Baby towels
  • Socks and pajamas

And finally, remember that although you can use any accessory for a real baby with a reborn one, the same rule does not apply with care: no alcohol or talcum powder! Well, that's another topic. Don't forget to find more about reborn babies and Nadurines and more from our Facebook and Instagram , like the aforementioned channel Youtube of Fun Surprises. Until next time!