If you already know Petra from the Nadurines a little, you will know that she is always trying to learn new things, and today it was the turn of the mimicry game ! Since it never stops, it is normal that you end up getting bored with the games you know and have to look for new entertainment. But that's how we learn too! And if you don't know what this is, don't worry because we are going to explain it to you. Let's start!

What is mimicry

You may not remember when you were very little, but if you have family members who are babies or who do not yet know how to speak at all, you will have noticed that the less they talk, the more they resort to facial expressions or the use of their body . Babies, for example, tend to scream a lot, whether they are happy, hungry or sleepy. It's the only recourse they have!

Then, when we get older, they tell us that body language can express more than our words . And sometimes it is even possible to know when someone is telling lies if we observe what they do with their body. Curious, right?

Well, mimicry is exactly this; a way of expressing emotions, representing actions or imitating through body language and the gestures we make. And today in Fun Surprises we are going to try playing this! In addition, mimicry will help you express how you feel, but you will also learn to control and coordinate your body. It's actually like dancing!

How to play with mimicry

Petra: Darwin! Neala! It's time to play!!!

Neala: But what are you saying, Petra!! If it's 7 in the morning... It's the weekend and today we don't have to get up to go to school. Let us sleep!

Petra: But it's already daylight... and it's never too early to play!

Neala and Darwin didn't really want to play, so the youngest of the Nadurines had to play mimicry alone. To do this, he took a mirror and stood in front of it and without making a single sound, he began to make different faces to express various emotions . Like for example, Neala being very sleepy! How would you express a face that wants to sleep? Try it with your mirror!

Other emotions that you can try to express are fear, anger, hunger or cold . The more intense they are, the easier it will be to express them. And if, due to your age, you are already able to distinguish between anger or fury, or being scared with terrified, we encourage you to try too! Have you realized how many expressions we can make with our face?

But if you don't feel like playing alone like Petra or if your brothers and sisters also want to participate, you can take turns and have each one represent an emotion, and whoever guesses it will take over. And not only emotions! When you have mastered the technique of mimicry, you can dare to make dialogues without speaking and even make a small theater . But don't forget to include your entire body!

We Nadurines hope that you enjoy the game of mimicry and that you discover how much it is possible to say without speaking with your face and body. See you next game!