We recently left you some fun ideas for your costumes for the next carnival. But since this year we won't be able to celebrate it like in previous years, you might have fun making them with what you have at home. So on this occasion, we want to explain how to create an original carnival costume . On going!

Choose your carnival costume

Every year we usually let ourselves be carried away by our imagination and the preferences of the moment when choosing our carnival costume. For this reason, it is common to dress up as the characters from our favorite cartoons, such as the Nadurines , the dolls and stuffed animals that we have at home, the professions that we find most interesting or the characters from a movie that has fascinated us. Do you agree? For sure yes!

But since we already talked about those costumes on another occasion and that you can read here , today we are going to tell you how to create the examples that we gave you for this year . Do you remember them? If you missed them, here's what we can dress up as this time . Let's do it!

How to create your costume for this carnival

evil virus

If you like the coronavirus costume, which we have the feeling will be one of the most popular this year, the materials you will need are mainly cardboard, cardboard, glue, markers and rope . To avoid having to stain your clothes, we will create a small virus that you can easily hang on yourself.

The first thing will be to take a large piece of cardboard and the cardboard, which you will choose the color of your virus. You will have to cut two large circles and glue the cardboard onto the cardboard. Because two? Because cardboard is thicker and stronger! Do the same for the back.

With the markers you will paint the face however you like , and for the horns that the virus has, you can cut out strips of cardboard and glue them around as if it were a sun. Finally, make small holes and use rope to join both sides at the sides and above , so you can hang them over your shoulders.


The rest of our proposals referred to professions of heroes and heroines , so in this case it is best that you first choose your carnival costume and then make your design. For medical and nursing staff, you only have to look for white or green clothing , but since you will have to wear protective material on top, you can look for a final blue fabric and create a kind of dress that covers you. For the wrists, place elastics or rubber bands so that it is well fixed.

If you like supermarket staff, the next time you go shopping look at what they are wearing , take notes and look for similar items at home. An apron can help you, line a cap with scraps of the same colors as your clothes to make it look like a uniform, or stick fruits or fish made with cardboard on your clothes depending on your section of the supermarket.

And if the police carnival costume is the one that has captivated you, then look for dark clothing! Don't miss out on a cap and a belt to hang the handcuffs and other accessories you want to add.

Take the opportunity to spend time with your family and create your carnival costume together !