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¿Cómo se llaman y qué caracteriza a todos los renos de Santa Claus?

What are they called and what characterizes all of Santa Claus's reindeer?

What are they called and what characterizes all of Santa Claus's reindeer?

Christmas is getting closer every day, and with it, the visit of Santa Claus to our homes. In order to distribute all the gifts to the boys and girls of the world, a huge team is needed to make it possible. Therefore, we want you to meet Santa Claus's reindeer, which although we may not realize it, are also protagonists on such a magical date.

What is the mission of Santa Claus's reindeer

Too often we are left only with what we see. However, behind everything we see there is always a lot of work and a team that makes it possible. Just as with our mission, in which all the children of the world are the ones who have the power to make the world a better place, the same thing happens with Christmas.

Receiving gifts is a very laborious task, and Santa Claus needs many helpers to carry it out. Not only do you have to prepare the gifts, but you also have to distribute them to different parts of the world. And do you know who makes this possible? Well of course, Santa Claus's reindeer!

They are the ones who pull the magic sleigh and bring surprises to our homes. But did you know that they also have names? As we want to recognize the efforts of those who make so many boys and girls happy, we are going to tell you everything about them.

Who are Santa Claus's reindeer?

Santa Claus's reindeer team consists of a total of nine reindeer. However, there are eight who pull the sleigh and one who shows the way. You may remember that we recently told you about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, well, it's about him. Now let's see what Santa's other reindeer are called.

As a curiosity, we can tell you that reindeer are actually females, since they keep their antlers during the cold months to protect their young. However, the males make it to December without them.

In total, as we have said, there are 8, and each of them has their own personality. I'm sure that when you meet them all, one will be your favorite!

Santa's reindeer

- Dasher: this is one of Santa's leading reindeer along with Dancer, who we will see next. They are both in the front line behind Rudolph. This reindeer is characterized by its happy character and friendliness.

- Dancer: this reindeer is a dancer. Because he has so much rhythm and energy, he goes ahead to cheer on Santa's other reindeer. Although it is also a way of not losing sight of him.

- Vixen: In order not to put all the naughty people on the same side, Vixen stands behind Dasher. He has a very playful personality, and has sometimes been seen having fun with the gifts he has to distribute.

- Prancer: On the performers' side, another of Santa's reindeer is placed with more energy. He is Prancer and they also call him the acrobat.

- Cupid: this name is perhaps more familiar to us. Cupid is all love, and his task is to distribute it along with the gifts so that the boys and girls of the world do not forget what is important. He goes after Vixen.

- Comet: behind Prancer is another of Santa Claus's reindeer with a special mission. Comet or comet spreads happiness along with Cupid's love.

- Blitzen: its name means lightning, so it is one of the fastest reindeer. He is placed behind Cupid.

- Donner: Last but not least, we have Donner, who represents the spirit of thunder. He's after Comet.

With well-differentiated personalities, all of them, or rather all of them, are equally important in a mission as special as that of distributing gifts around the world. Have you already chosen your favorite?


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