Games to play with the family on Christmas Eve

Christmas is the time of year when we spend the most time with our family. Since we take the opportunity to get together on these dates, it is likely that you will see many of your relatives that you have not seen for a long time, such as your uncles or cousins. Do you know what the advantage of having many people at home is? That we will have more options to play as a family! If you want to have a great time, here are some suggestions.

Why play as a family

During school weeks, it is very likely that we will not always be able to play as a family. Our fathers and mothers have to work, we have to do the endless homework, we have to shower, have dinner and go to bed early because the next day we repeat the whole routine.

However, when Christmas comes, the school closes its doors for a few weeks. Therefore, we have much more time to play and have fun at home or in the park. On special dates, such as Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, we also have the opportunity to see other family members, as we celebrate traditional reunions.

The more people there are, the more there will be who can join us in the game. On the other hand, this is the time we can take advantage of to play as a family using the Christmas theme. A unique occasion that only happens on these dates.

What to play as a family

The best thing to play as a family is to give free rein to our imagination. If you have any ideas, share them with your family and put them into practice! Also, if you prefer, you can choose one of the activities that we leave you here.

Find the hidden gift

Christmas decorations can be very useful for playing as a family. Our first proposal is to hide the small decorations around the house while the other participants wait in a specific place. When we're done, you'll have to start looking for them around the house. Whoever has found the most will win!

Long live gift wrap

If you have already opened your Christmas gifts, don't throw away the wrapping paper! Remember that at this time of year the planet suffers more than normal due to all the plastic packaging we throw away and the amount of paper used for wrapping. We propose the crafts and create different figures with it, as long as it no longer serves us for another gift. Animals, dolls, trees... You can shape anything you want!

Fill a Christmas stocking

This proposal to play as a family requires some skill. If we have Christmas socks at home, we will have to place them all in a row somewhere in the house. Those who participate will face them but away from them. The activity consists of carrying candy on a spoon that we will carry in our mouth. Whoever fills it first wins! Keep in mind that if they are very long, we can establish a stop in the middle of the sock.

Stimulate your memory

If you like to test your memory, this will be your game to play as a family. We have two variants. First of all, we can take a tray and place objects on it. To take advantage of this time we can place nougats, Christmas decorations and anything we want. We will cover it after a few seconds and write down what was there on a piece of paper. Whoever has the most correct answers and the best memory will win!

The second variant consists of standing in a circle and taking turns saying, for each letter of the alphabet, a word related to Christmas. The next person must remember the previous ones and add a new one with its corresponding letter. Those who remain silent or make a mistake will be eliminated.

Neala hugging Darwin

And that's it for our activities to play with the family this Christmas Eve! Also take advantage of these family meetings to explain everything you have learned about the environment and how we can care for and protect it. The more people who help us, the sooner we can get Darwin back to power!