Christmas is approaching and you may be wondering which toys to opt for this year. And it's totally normal! Not only are boys and girls growing, but there are more and more possibilities when it comes to gifts. However, dolls are always favorites at practically any age, so we have prepared a list of the best-selling dolls in 2021. And also some interesting proposals!

Best-selling dolls that you can give as gifts

Since the first rag dolls, the models have evolved greatly , and today there are not only differences in the materials used, but also in appearance, accessories or the characteristics themselves. But among so much variety, there are some that remain the most popular, year after year. At Fun Surprises we encourage you to evaluate both the option of the best-selling dolls and other proposals that may be more educational. Here we leave you what they are!

reborn baby


Barbie is a classic that needs no introduction. Considered a benchmark among fashion dolls, today clothing and accessories are not the only protagonists, but now there are also models that represent professions and multiple hobbies . The options are as many as you can imagine, which is why it continues as one of the best-selling dolls.

However, if you consider this option, you should keep in mind that her body measurements are disproportionate and, therefore, it is not a good reference to follow. In addition to focusing on a single canon of beauty , they can convey a wrong idea about the figure of women.

Barbie doll


Nenuco belongs to the Famosa brand , leader in best-selling dolls. It went on sale in 1977 and has been part of the childhood of several generations . It has always been characterized by the mobility of its limbs , which allows it to sit, as well as the hole in its mouth and bottom, which makes it possible to give it a real bottle. It has an infinite number of accessories that recreate all possible scenarios with an authentic baby . Mealtime, bathing, colds or wounds, among other examples.

Nenuco doll

crying babies

Cry babies are much newer than the previous ones, but their interchangeable animal pajamas , bulging eyes, and real tears really captivate anyone. Totally understandable that they have become one of the best-selling dolls! There are 24 different ones and they come in a little box that also comes with accessories according to the personality of each baby.

crying babies

LOL Surprise

They are one of the best-selling dolls since 2016 . Small in size, they come inside a sphere with different layers that include drawings and accessories for them. Which one will play is a surprise, since from the outside you can't see the inside. Without a doubt, one of the most original options.

LOL Surprise

Other proposals

These are the three dolls that sell the most, but there are many more. However, since the idea of ​​playing is to learn while having fun , we propose different ones that are unique and that also transmit a very positive message .


The Nadurines of Funny Surprises are boys and girls with a varied appearance and whose mission is to protect the environment. In their adventures, they teach how to participate through practical examples and, with this, they manage to transmit the message of responsibility and commitment to our environment.

If you want to know more about them, here we tell you who they are . In our blog you will find their activities and in our store you will find the dolls .

This Christmas give conscious gifts!