How are you spending this quarantine? What we thought would only last a couple of weeks has ended up being extended to even more than 40 days! We know that the first days were It's very exciting not to have to get up to go to school , but as the weeks have gone by, sometimes in the end we don't even know what to do. But just in case you've been wondering What have we done in this time , here we tell you!

How we have spent our time

Each person is different, and we were not going to be any less. So Each one has sought different entertainment and has occupied his time in his own way . What may be entertaining for one, could be a real bore for another. Therefore, it is best to simply do what we feel most like.

Neala and her garden


 is a Passionate about plants, and especially flowers . He is fascinated by the enormous amount of colors and smells that are around us! But since we are in quarantine, he has not been able to walk as much as he wanted to make new discoveries.

Luckily, she is a cautious girl, and since she likes to spend time with plants whenever she can, she already had her own garden at home. Although it is not comparable to being in the middle of nature, surrounding yourself with it in a smaller version is still just as wonderful. Since you get up in the morning, He comes over to check his flowers and talk to his plants . And hours pass like that! If they asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, she would have it clear; any profession related to nature!

Nil and his plans


TO Nil He loves the sea and in these weeks he has undoubtedly missed it a lot. It's normal, but The reason justifies that you should wait a little. He knows it and settles for watching the waves from the window . If you are silent, you can hear them crashing against the rocks. Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of the sea?

But since spending all day at the window would end up being boring, Nil has occupied his time ensuring that from home we keep the sea and rivers clean. He has devised a plan to inform the entire neighborhood of how we can be more respectful , and that includes how to ditch the gloves and masks. Now that everyone is home, there is no excuse not to learn!

Petra to power


There is nothing that can resist Petra So awake and full of energy, you don't need to look for entertainment to have fun with. She has fun with everything! Since he loves to learn new things, Any new activity or curiosity seems extremely exciting . And as the saying goes, knowledge takes no place! Petra will always be able to continue learning.

Malik in his bed


And finally, Malik . “Uaaaahhh”, just seeing him and we already seem to get sleepy. What Malik enjoys the most is sleeping, but it's not because he's tired or doesn't have energy, but because when he sleeps, he has the most incredible and exciting dreams you can imagine . Sometimes he doesn't even sleep, but instead spends his time daydreaming. Have you ever tried to imagine thousands of adventures in your head?

And this is how we Nadurines entertain ourselves in this quarantine. What better time than this to take advantage and dedicate time to doing what we like most. And you, what have you done in these weeks?