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Una Tierra más bonita

A more beautiful Earth

A more beautiful Earth - The power of the Earth

Neala hugging Darwin and the planet Earth next to her

Our planet, Earth, is our home and many species of living beings live there.

Soil, which we also call earth, is made up of minerals and microorganisms that feed on sunlight and water. All this makes the earth an essential system for the development of life.

Soils change in different places on Earth depending on the climate:

Desert * Tropical * Mediterranean * Glacial * …

In Nadur we know all these climates well because our island has them all and I love tropical ones!

We need land to grow food and produce fiber and medicine. Furthermore, if we damage 1 cm of soil, it can take between 100 and 1,000 years to form again. It is essential to take care of the earth!

Therefore, you must activate your power and take care of the earth. How? It's very easy laugh

  • We can prevent pollution by not using aerosols. Change your spray deodorant for a cream one.
  • If you have a little garden or some good pots, you can create your small garden planting seeds to have healthier food.
  • When you go to the park or the field, do not uproot the plants or flowers because they are also living beings.
  • Don't waste food . Tell your mom or dad to prepare only what we are going to eat and finish your plate! cheeky
  • …and tell everyone about the importance of the Earth and the work we do to make it a better place.

This is how we activate the power, do you already have yours running?


CuriosiDarwin: It takes light from the Sun to reach the earth 8 minutes and 20 seconds.


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