Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a planet full of color in which animals and men were very friends.

They talked and always reached an agreement.

Men cared for and respected nature; They planted trees, they didn't waste water... but above all, they loved animals and they also taught their children to do the same.

The very grateful animals gave them many gifts: the bees made exquisite honey from the great variety of flowers that existed, the little birds fluttered and sang sweet melodies in the mornings with which they brought joy and a smile to anyone, no matter how sad. that was

Sheep gave their precious wool to make the winters warmer, others offered their milk with which people made thousands of exquisite things. And so, from the largest animal to the smallest, everyone had a very important mission, which was none other than helping people.

However, the day came when everything changed, we don't really know why, but nothing was the same again.

People became greedy, they wanted more and more… nothing seemed enough to them.

They began to build factories, in which they wanted to increase production, without respecting the animals. They dumped waste into the rivers, polluting them, the sky filled with smoke and no longer shone as before.

The colors were fading little by little. They burned and cut down trees, leaving everything deserted. But there was something worse than all this, they began to humiliate their animal friends, they hurt them and even killed them and they only did it for fun.

Humans and animals got along badly, and stopped talking to each other. So much so that they even forgot that animals could talk.

But in the midst of this disaster, there are still people whose mothers and fathers taught them to love and respect nature, you are surely one of them.

Someday, if we listen to our animal friends again, everything will be as before.

So, if you go to the countryside, observe and listen carefully, it is possible that nature is speaking to you without you realizing it...