If you have recently joined the Fun Surprises community, you may not know the whole story of the Nadurines . So today we are going to do a review so that you are clear about who they are and what their mission on Earth is. Let's start!

Who are the Nadurines?

The Nadurines are called that because they come from a magical island called Nadur. Have you never heard of her? Normal, it's a secret island! Everything in it is light and color, since it is like our planet, but in a smaller version. Only they don't have our problems with the environment there!

What they dedicate themselves to from there is taking care of nature, that is, the plants, the air, the animals ... Everything that is part of it with the exception of human beings. And how are they different from this one? Well, in its size, somewhat smaller than ours, in its ears, which are somewhat more droopy than ours, and in its character, full of optimism and courage.

But the Nadurines do not come alone, since their Toris always accompany them. And who are these? Well, some animals that do not separate themselves from them. They are characterized by having a magical sparkle that helps those with their work, and that works when humans also take care of nature.

Each Tori is different, just like the Nadurines, who are classified into different tribes. Thus, organization between them is facilitated, and each of these tribes is responsible for taking care of a different element. For example , Neala, the first to come to Earth with her mission, is in charge of the earth, and her Tori is Darwin. Petra , who arrived later along with Nil and Malik, is the daughter of fire and goes with Edison; Nil is in charge of water, being her son, and goes with Marie, while Malik is the son of air and goes with Sally .

What is the mission of the Nadurines

As we have told you, the Nadurines are on Earth on a special mission . The Toris have lost the magical sparkle they had, since human beings pay less and less attention to the well-being of the planet , to worry only about their own. By not having this flash, the Nadurins cannot take care of the planet as they should, and this makes the problem even greater.

And that's why we need you! Through children we can get adults to take care of their environment again . Curiously, they are the only species on the planet that intentionally destroys the place where they live. What sense does that make? To achieve this, the Nadurines organize different activities and initiatives to modify human habits. Some examples are beach cleaning, crafts to stop being consumerists, tips to save water at home or family games that do not involve shopping. You can participate too !

If you also believe that it is important to take care of the planet and animal species, it is time to join the Nadurines in their mission ! On our blog you have all the activities we have already done. You can put them into practice and do your part so that the Toris recover their magical sparkle. And if you want to join them even more, in our store you will find each of these friendly characters, including their Toris. Take them home!