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Mejores canales de YouTube para niños

Best YouTube channels for kids

Childhood is a stage of life in which everything is based on playing and learning new concepts. However, the method of doing so changes with each generation, and currently the use of computers, tablets and mobile phones is part of children's entertainment options. Therefore, today we tell you which are the best YouTube channels for boys and girls !

The best YouTube channels for boys and girls

Smile and Learn

Smile and Learn is an educational platform developed by teachers, so that the little ones can learn new concepts through fun stories, stories and songs. It is one of the most popular YouTube channels for boys and girls, as it has a huge variety of playlists organized by theme. Such as, for example, numbers, flags, types of animals and layers of the Earth, alphabet and letters and a long etcetera. In addition, the illustrations are very beautiful to make the videos more enjoyable. Whatever you want to learn, you'll find it here!

Fun Surprises

In the Funny Surprises video channel you can learn some secrets about the Nadurines dolls that you didn't know. But you will also find the nighttime routines of the silicone reborn babies, as well as other stories so that both boys and girls learn the meaning of caring . And also, so that you don't forget the importance of recycling and taking care of the planet, you will learn how to make a castle with cardboard!

BB Toys

At BB Juguetes you will discover all the stories of Sara and Luke , a doll and a doll who always go together and who share with you their daily routines, crafts and different games so that you never get bored at home.

Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum is aimed at preschool boys and girls, and its videos star Mia, Ella Ollie and Max , as well as other characters in the form of animals and even talking vehicles. Positive values ​​or healthy habits are some examples of its themes, and through its songs memory is stimulated and new vocabulary is learned.

Videos for Kids

Videos for Kids is another of the YouTube channels for boys and girls that offer a wide amount of content for drawing and painting . If you enjoy coloring at home, this channel is simply perfect! With very simple instructions, you can learn to draw a lot of flowers and animals, as well as color different images.

Masha and the bear

Masha and the Bear
is the story of a Russian fairy tale, but today it has followers in absolutely every corner of the world. Masha is a girl who lives in the forest and who goes on many adventures with her friend the Bear. Many laughs, important lessons for life and recognition for their work in the form of an award for Best Animation.

Baby Bus

Baby Bus is a channel for boys and girls up to 5 years old starring various animals that, through songs, stories and games, will teach you to put into practice an infinite number of crafts and healthy habits. Because playing is how you learn best!

We hope you like these YouTube channels for boys and girls. Hours and hours of entertainment and learning!


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