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¿Sabías que jugar con amigos y amigas hace que estés más feliz?

Did you know that playing with friends makes you happier?

The arrival of summer and happiest day of the year They are not the only reason to make us smile. Playing with friends also helps us feel better and be happier. And you, do you like to enjoy the company of others?


How it benefits us to play with friends

When Darwin and I arrived, we didn't know anyone, but little by little, with all the activities in which we have participated, we have been expanding our circle of friends. Good causes always unite, and thanks to the dissemination of our message to take care of the planet, there are more and more friendly faces.

Sharing our tastes or having a common goal, such as the planet in our case, strengthens our friendship and helps us move forward. As we have already told you, although it is very important that we work hard for humanity to reconnect with the Earth, we also have to have fun and play with friends. Furthermore, both activities are perfectly compatible.

Thus, we have made a list of the main advantages of playing with friends so that you always keep them in mind:

We stress less

Being alone is not the same as being with company. You will have discovered it whether you are at home, at school or in the park. Although we must also learn to be with ourselves, human beings are social and need to interact with other people to feel good and without stress.

We improve school performance

It often seems that studying and playing with friends are incompatible. However, fun has been shown to improve our ability to concentrate and get better grades. Also, if we have to change schools, it helps us relate better.

We develop sensitivity and empathy

By playing with friends we are developing our social skills. On some occasions, we pursue a common goal together, while on other occasions we learn to respect turns, share and resolve conflicts that may arise.

Also, we have the opportunity to put ourselves in the other person's shoes to understand their feelings or point of view. A very valuable quality called empathy and that is what allows us to take care of the planet and other species.

Improve your friendships

We all like to play with friends, but sometimes we find it difficult to improve these friendships or make them last over time. So we also leave you some tips to strengthen them.

  • Participate in different activities. You already know that in summer you can go to beach cleaning or also organize one, spend more time in the park because there are no classes or visit libraries and museums, where games are usually organized. Or also, take the opportunity to practice sports in a group.
  • Have playdates. You can invite your friends home or meet somewhere to see each other. In our store we have a picnic basket and a doctor's kit that will give you some ideas. Can you think of more?
  • Practice social skills. Although some people have a harder time approaching others, time is always a great ally. In addition to patience, we must learn to respect others and their decisions, both when playing with friends and with others we don't know as well.

Playing with friends is not only an opportunity to have fun, but also to improve the way we relate to others. Take advantage and share the mission of caring for the planet and spread the message. The more of us there are, the sooner Darwin will regain his power!


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