Neala and Darwin against climate change | Let's save the planet!

  • What's wrong Neala? I notice you are more serious than usual... Are you thinking about what to do against climate change?
  • Yes, exactly. The Earth can't take it anymore... In all this time, we have heard adults say several times that children must be taught to take care of the planet because they are the generations to come.
  • Yes, and we also seek activities to involve them and that they carry the message of awareness to adults.
  • TRUE. But why do they talk about future generations if we don't know how long the Earth will survive? The daily damage to the planet is due to the way adults live.
  • And have you also thought of a solution?
  • Clear! I have compiled some interesting facts for boys and girls to pass on to their fathers and mothers. Perhaps this way they will begin to actively fight against climate change and global warming , and for the Earth to remain habitable.

What's wrong with me, doctor?

If we took the doctor to Earth, he would tell us that she is very sick, and that she needs a transfusion of clean blood to survive. Our actions represent that injection of life. However, it is difficult to change our habits if we do not know what we are doing wrong.

Therefore, in order to fight climate change, I have compiled some data that may help us be aware of how harmful our customs are.

  • Summers are on average 15 days longer and hotter than 10 years ago.
  • The planet's temperature can only rise by a maximum of 1.5 degrees in the coming years. If we continue as we are today, it will be between 3 and 5 degrees. It's too hot!
  • Between 5 and 13 million tons of plastic are dumped into the sea each year, which in weight would be equivalent to 2 million elephants. When they become small pieces, fish, turtles and birds eat them, and they can die. The bags are the most harmful.
  • Nearly 50 million tons of electronic devices are thrown away every day. Returning to the elephants, imagine 8 million, which is almost double the population of Madrid and Barcelona combined.
  • To make a plastic bottle, we need ¼ of its size in oil. They take more than 1,000 years to disintegrate!

What to do against climate change

These figures speak for themselves. Even so, we have prepared alternatives to solve the previous problems. Although it may not seem like it affects us as much, it is the best way to fight climate change from home.

Although we like to enjoy the summer and the heat, the fact that it rains less makes it the plants do not grow, leaving the animals and ourselves without food. There is no need to plant a tree at home. If you have a small terrace, fill it with pots. You can even put strawberries and tomatoes!

When it comes to plastic, it is one of the keys against climate change. Individual containers can be very convenient to take to school or the beach, but we must have a broader vision. Use glass, stainless steel or eco-friendly silicone bottles and containers. And change plastic bags for cloth or raffia ones; Home tapers are also useful for shopping fruit and vegetables.

Finally, don't renew your electronic devices because you want a better one. Consumerism does not help against climate change. Plus, don't you prefer spending time with your friends rather than always staring at a screen?

Put these tricks against climate change into practice now and tell those around you. Let's save the planet!