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¿Sabías que existe un día amarillo? Es el día más feliz del mundo

Did you know that there is a yellow day? It's the happiest day in the world

Did you know that there is a yellow day? It's the happiest day in the world

Humans are full of ideas, and although we already know that many have harmed the planet and have led us to the situation we find ourselves in, we also have to recognize that others are very fun. Did you know that there is a day that is the happiest in the world? And it even has a color!

When is the happiest day in the world

The happiest day in the world is June 20. -And why Neala? What is special about June 20?

  • Well, a lot of things! This day has been chosen because different events take place on the planet, and all related to summer. Can't you think of anything yellow that makes you happy when you see it?
  • The sunflowers?
  • Mmm, very close, but no. You have to think bigger! A very big sunflower.
  • I already have it! Sun!

It has been proven that when it is sunny we feel more cheerful and happy than on other days. Therefore, in countries that are located towards the north of the Earth, such as Sweden or Finland, people tend to feel sadder than those who live in areas with a sunnier climate.

And why is this? Because when the sun shines on us, our brain is capable of producing serotonin; a hormone that affects our mood and makes us feel good. How easy it is to be happy, right? Something so fantastic deserved a party, and that is why it was decided to mark June 20 as the happiest day in the world. And what other reasons should we choose that date?

Temperatures rise

Who doesn't like lying in the sun and falling asleep in the warmth? Those who study weather, or meteorology, have verified that around the 20th the temperatures begin to rise. Since the same thing usually happens every year, a little earlier or later, it seems that we already know it and when this date arrives we automatically feel better. We carry the happiest day in the world inside us.

summer is coming

If temperatures rise it is because summer is approaching. And during this, the days are longer, therefore, we have more hours of sunshine! The perfect season to spend more time playing in the street, going to the beach or the mountains.

Shorter days

In many jobs and schools, schedules are shortened and departure to return home arrives earlier. Although this sometimes happens with the arrival of the month of June and not necessarily on the happiest day in the world, there is something that is marked by this date.

The holidays start

Of course! The happiest day in the world also celebrates that the holidays are finally arriving. Not only at school, but also at many jobs. Time to rest and enjoy without having to worry about the alarm clock.

Do you need more reasons to celebrate the happiest day in the world? Get ready, because yellow day is almost here!


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