Hello friends! We can now confirm that, after the inauguration on St. John's Day , we are already in the middle of summer. Are you enjoying it? We have another surprise prepared for you, and this month...we also celebrate another special day! This time it is International Friendship Day . A wonderful opportunity to be aware of how valuable our friendships are!

Why is International Friendship Day celebrated?

Almost a decade ago, back in 2010 (how old were you then?), the United Nations (WHO) decided to tell the entire world how important solidarity between people is and why we should take care of it. . The chosen day was July 30 , although in some countries the date varies.

When we talk about friendship we are referring to that affection that we feel for another person and that has no other interest than the simple fact of enjoying their company . It is likely that of all the boys and girls you share a class with at school, you feel most comfortable with only some of them. If you both take care of each other and treat each other with respect and affection , we can confirm that they are your friends.

The WHO considered that it is very important to celebrate the International Day of Friendship because through it we strengthen trust and help each other . This selfless support full of kindness helps us improve and feel stronger and loved. And it allows peace to be achieved in places with conflicts and an end to poverty and violence of any kind.

With its celebration, actions and various activities are carried out in different parts of the world so that we all remember that we must take care of our friendships. Furthermore, and since we are talking about other countries beyond our own, friendship does not understand appearance , so it does not matter what color your friend's hair or skin is, not even the language he or she speaks, the place in which the one who was born or even his species. Aren't the Toris our friends?

What can we do to celebrate this day

If you are not sure what you can do to celebrate International Friendship Day , we are going to make it very easy for you. Since what we celebrate is this pleasant company that listens to us, makes us laugh and with whom we share both what makes us happy and what makes us sad, the only thing you need is your friends and spending time with them ! At the end of the day, what we do is the least important. What really has value are those hours with your company.

Whether your group of friends is large or you feel better with just one or two people, take this opportunity to contact them and organize something together . It could be going to the beach, the pool, having a snack or organizing a meeting at one of your homes. With your imagination, you will surely come up with an excellent plan that the entire group will like.

From here, we wish you a happy International Friendship Day!