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Los Nadurines hacen una fiesta en la piscina para celebrar el verano

The Nadurines throw a pool party to celebrate summer

The good weather has finally arrived and we can enjoy the summer as it deserves! There are those who prefer to go to the beach or it is closer and there are those who choose to go to the pool. We have chosen this last plan together because we would like to have a celebration party, and what better place to have a party than a pool !

Welcoming the good weather

Summer started a month ago, but we are in no hurry. It's always a good time to celebrate something , and besides, we had to wait a little to find an available spot in the pool. This summer is being something special!

We Nadurines love to play in the water, but our Toris, being animals, have their preferences . Sally , for example , since she is a bee, does not like to get her wings wet because then she cannot fly, so she stays around the flowers looking for nectar and information to absorb. You already know that it is a flying encyclopedia!

- And Marie ? Where is Marie?! I was here a moment ago!

- Ah, I've already seen it, there, under the water!

- Of course, since it is an octopus, it immediately dived looking for treasures among the rocks that we have placed for it.

Are you one of those who always go straight to the water or do you prefer to soak up some sun first?

What do we need to celebrate a pool party?

We have little time to talk because apparently the hours available are limited, so let's get straight to the point and leave you below everything you will need if you also want to go to the pool to celebrate a small party in honor of summer.

Swimsuit and sun protection

On the beach, because it is an open space, we have more freedom. However, in the pool, it is very important to bring your swimsuit , and if possible, a change of clothes! But what can't be missing in either place? Malik and Petra, who have dark skin, don't seem to have it clear, but Nil, with his white skin, feels the heat of the sun first. Sun protection to avoid burning! That is, it doesn't matter if it's cloudy or if your skin is already brown , the damage is the same.

Castles and other toys

In the sand we can use buckets and shovels , but when we go to the pool the construction of castles and bridges becomes a little complicated. But nothing happens! Because we have found a forgotten castle in a closet and we just have to assemble it. Oh! We have forgotten the guide to order all the pieces!

- Don't worry! said Sally the bee. I'll take care of the knowledge... I'm flying for the instruction manual!

Want to have a good time

The desire to have fun is essential . It doesn't matter if something hurts or if you're angry because not everything always turns out the way we expect, you should always take advantage of the moments to play and have a good time! When you return home, this, and everything you have learned, will be what you remember.

Do you already have a date for your next pool party?


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