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¡Feliz Halloween! Darwin cuenta una misteriosa historia a los Nadurines

Happy Halloween! Darwin tells a mysterious story to the Nadurines

Uuuuuuh! The night of ghosts and terror is approaching! Like every year, Halloween returns , celebrated on the last day of the month of October. Since this fall it seems that we will continue to spend a lot of time at home, what better opportunity than this to spend the night telling stories with Fun Surprises!

Darwin wants to tell us something

Darwin is always busy plotting things with Neala. But from time to time it has its days. So to celebrate this long-awaited night, he has invited all the Nadurines to his house . They don't always manage to get together!

For days we've noticed him looking thoughtful, and we've already found out why! It turns out that on Halloween night he wants to tell us a mysterious story , and during this time, what he did was meditate on the best way to do it.

Do you want to know the story that Darwin has prepared to tell us? Well, here we leave it for you in case you want to take the opportunity to read it this Halloween with your friends or family. We promise you that it won't be too scary and you won't have any problems going to bed later!

darwin dracula

Darwin's mysterious story

Many years ago, on a Halloween night, an Irish gentleman named Jack who spent his nights drinking in a tavern encountered the devil himself. He told him that he would take him with him for not knowing how to enjoy life, and Jack, who did not know how to escape from there, proposed that he join him.

When it was time to pay, Jack challenged him to transform himself into a coin , since he had spent everything he had and couldn't pay. The devil accepted, and when he did, Jack put it in his pocket along with a silver cross. "You have deceived me!" said the poor devil . In case you don't know, being an opposite symbol, it could not return to its original form; that of a mysterious knight. So a deal had to be made, and in exchange for releasing him, Jack asked for ten more years.

The following quote took place exactly ten years later, and the devil always keeps his word! Jack made one last wish, and it was for the devil to bring down a precious apple from the top of a tree. Again he accepted, and when he was up, Jack carved a cross on the trunk, which again prevented him from getting down. The deal, on this occasion, was to let him live his life in peace.

But Jack's time to leave came a few years later, and at that moment the devil was able to return the trick. Welcome Jack! I have been waiting for you for many years , but I was sure that this moment would come. For his life, he could not enter heaven, and hell, the devil would not allow him entry.

And then? What happened to Jack? The devil forced him to go back the way he came , but since it was very dark, he threw a great flame at him from hell , which Jack placed inside a huge pumpkin so he could see.

This is how the pumpkin became the symbol of this night , and there are those who claim to have seen a man with dirty clothes and with a lantern in that shape. That's Jack O'Lantern!

Nobody knows if this mysterious story is real or not, but to prove it, we will have to look through the windows of the house to see if we can see Jack. And don't forget to have your pumpkin prepared! If you don't know how to do it, here we explain how ! Happy Halloween!

Neala dressed as a witch and Darwin dressed as Dracula


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