When pleasant temperatures arrive and we see the sun shining again, the flowers begin to appear and show us their best colors and perfumes. But these are not the only ones that arrive with spring, babies in nature also do so at this time of year. You already know that all animal species are our friends, and on this occasion, the stork has told us an interesting story.

Who are the storks

- Good morning, lady stork!

- Good morning, Neala! How do you feel?

- Very good, we went out for a walk and we wanted to pay you a visit. What are you doing?

- Well, I'm looking for some food, since the vegetation is low in this area, I can always find prey easily with my lake beak.

Storks are large birds that are characterized by their white plumage and black wings. When they are adults, their beak and legs acquire a reddish hue, and due to their similarity they are often confused with other birds such as herons and cranes. Their diet varies throughout the year, but insects, worms and frogs stand out.

- And you have come alone to look for food?

- Yes, my husband is in the nest that we built a few years ago with our babies. Today it's my turn to go get lunch.

- Ah well! Since you mention your chicks, what is that story they tell about you bringing the babies?

-The one from when we traveled to Paris? Well, if you mean that, you already know that youth is a time of life in which you always do many things, and as the years go by, tranquility takes up an increasingly larger part of your days. But, yes, I will tell you.

These birds are monogamous like most humans. That is, they look for a partner to spend their lives with and build their houses or nests on top of buildings. Have you never seen the photos of the bell towers? In addition, they are very responsible and both members of the pair take equal care of their eggs and their chicks when they are born.

The journey of babies

On one of our trips, you know that storks are long-distance migratory birds, we decided to make a stop in Paris because we were passing through. I had a problem with one of my wings and I was not able to continue flying. We found a very comfortable tower and decided to spend the season there until I recovered. The truth is that everything got complicated and in the end we stayed longer than necessary, and we returned to our home nine months later, when spring had arrived and our chicks had hatched.

Since the trip was long, we used a small blanket to transport the babies, which we hung from our beak so we could fly comfortably. When they arrived, tired, their loud crying could be heard, and the humans who lived here immediately looked out the windows to see what was happening. Since their babies also took nine months to be born, they thought we were the ones who brought them. And since then, and because of our great ability to protect our young, this story continues to be told.

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