Do you know what is the best thing about summer and vacations? We have a lot of time to learn new activities! Nil did not want to waste a single minute and has already mastered the art of watercolors . Do you want to learn from him how he did it?

Nil and his magical world of water

As you may remember, Nil is the son of water . Hence, one of his favorite pastimes is watching the waves of the sea for hours. And of course, one of your main objectives in our mission on Earth is to ensure that the taps are closed frequently so as not to waste water . Your level of awareness is very high!

But since in summer the beaches are full of people, Nil has preferred to look for another activity that is just as interesting and to which he can dedicate all those hours. And that's how he discovered watercolors! And you, have you ever used them at home or at school?

Watercolors consist of painting on paper or cardboard using colors that are mixed with water . They are very easy to find in stores, but what makes us love them is that they are even easier to use.

You should know that all boys and girls have a very creative nature , and that exploring it is part of our development. It helps us express the emotions we feel and also helps us relax! Do you like to paint? What artistic activities are your favorites?

But back to Nil, he has used watercolors to show us what he thinks about the world around us and how he feels about it. So as you can imagine, the turquoise blue of the sea and the blue of the sky have been very present, but also the green hope of the forests that we are losing.

Not everything he has painted had clear shapes, but who is always clear about what he thinks or feels! The important thing is that you have found new entertainment and that you enjoy putting it into practice. And we love that he shows us his paintings!

Why paint with watercolors

It is quite likely that you have painted with watercolors at some point. But if you don't do it often, here are some reasons why we encourage you to do it:

- Images can replace words. Use art to express yourself!

- Helps you let your imagination have no limits

- You will learn to coordinate your movements and paint with greater precision

- You will be able to have more patience, you already know that not all paintings come out the first time!

- You will find it relaxing

- It will make you feel good about yourself and happy with your creations

You can paint anything you like, and if you can't think of what or you're not sure, don't worry. Overthinking is precisely what can ruin our creativity! So leave your hands free and just enjoy playing with paints and colors. The so-called abstract art is also art!