Today we come with good news: we celebrate another important date on the calendar! Specifically, August 12 is International Elephant Day . However, the situation that this animal is experiencing is not as good as it should be, so they need the world to become aware of its reality. Do you dare to give them a hand?

Why is International Elephant Day celebrated?

There are groups that are dedicated to protecting animals , such as the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation. Thanks to this and a video maker called Patria Sims, visibility has been given to the harsh reality that this animal lives. Do you know that every year thousands and thousands disappear and that is why their population is getting smaller and smaller? We can't let elephants go extinct!

International Elephant Day has included several actions. One of them was to draw 20,000 elephants to raise money and thus improve the conditions of the place where they are located. Have you ever drawn this animal? Cheer up!

In the last 10 years, its population has decreased by 60%. That is, out of every 10 elephants, 6 disappear . And what is this situation due to? One of the main reasons is because of the ivory in their horns, although their meat is also used. This practice was banned years ago, but there are those who do not respect their right to live.

But in addition to this reason, their habitat, that is, the place where they live, which is in Asia and Africa (do you know where these continents are located?), has been losing natural areas. You know, the trees and the  plants and in their place crops are planted that allow some companies to make a lot of money, as is the case with palm oil.

Do you think it's worth it? Of course not! The well-being of the planet and all its species is more important than the wealth of a few. This is everyone's house!

What we can do to help elephants

Those who organize International Elephant Day insist that helping this mammal is very urgent. In Asia it is already in danger of extinction , and in the African savanna it is in a vulnerable situation, which means that if measures are not taken, it will also be in danger.

And so, what can we do to help our elephant friends ? Well, what better way than to ask them themselves! So we have traveled to where they are and asked their advice. And this is what they told us!

- Hello little Nadurines! Thank you for coming to visit us and spreading this message of help. We really need it! As there are fewer elephants left, the value of the ivory in our horns increases and it is a condemnation for us. So don't buy anything made from ivory ! And as for our home, palm oil production not only destroys orangutans, but also the spaces in which we live. Read the labels and don't consume anything with palm oil !

Well, you know, friends! Even if they are far from us, we can also take care of them. Let's celebrate International Elephant Day by fighting for their well-being!