When it comes to dolls, we can find a fairly wide variety of types of dolls on the market. And it's normal! Dolls have accompanied humanity since time immemorial and have had different purposes throughout this time, such as entertaining or teaching.

However, today we want to delve into today's dolls... have you ever wondered how many types of dolls you can get on the market? Believe it or not, there is a lot of diversity and today more than ever there are dolls for all tastes and shapes, so get ready because we will have a lot to explore. Let's start!

mannequin doll

Barbie doll

The most representative example of a mannequin-type doll is undoubtedly the iconic Barbie, from Mattel, and also the well-known Max Steel, from the same brand.

As their name suggests, these dolls are made from solid plastic with articulated limbs and generally have removable clothing and accessories. Boys and girls from approximately 5 years old are the ones who especially consume and enjoy this type of dolls, although there are also many adults who collect them.

Without a doubt, these types of dolls are some of the most popular in the world, especially since the creation of Barbie, more than sixty years ago.

baby dolls

Neala and Darwin

In many cases, baby dolls are made with the same technique as mannequin dolls, although there are also dolls made with materials as varied as fabric or porcelain.

These dolls only share in common the fact that they imitate the characteristics of a generally human baby. And real babies are total fans of this type of dolls! The little ones can play with these dolls as an imaginary friend or they can also project their own personality onto it. A perfect example of baby dolls are the Nenuco or our own collection. Nadurines .

But baby dolls are not only created especially for babies (that is, they are safe to use) but they can also be created for older people, but we will see that later.

Blythe dolls

Blythe Doll

One of the most unusual dolls on the market, as well as the most sought-after. It is a type of doll that is characterized by having a very large head and eyes, and although they were originally American when they were commercialized in the seventies, they did not gain niche popularity until the nineties, a date where since then the company Japanese Takara is in charge of the mass production of the Blythes.

Blythes exist in three sizes and six molds in the most popular model, the Neo Blythe (also the closest to the original model, as the largest of all).

Nowadays there is a large number of Blythe fans, being a high value piece for adults who love and collect dolls.

reborn dolls

reborn babies

Reborn dolls are a type of baby doll that is characterized by hyperrealism. Whether made of silicone or vinyl, reborn dolls are created with great detail, and are often expensive and collectible.

In this sector of the market it is common to see small groups of companies specialized in reborn dolls, which make them in a completely personalized and handmade way.

The main audience for this type of dolls are women, who for some reason or another like to play with these dolls as if it were a real baby. It can even be therapeutic for them! Whether they are mothers, are about to become one, have already overcome motherhood for whatever reason or even do not plan to have a baby. In any case, reborn dolls combine art, technique and entertainment in equal parts.

Collectible dolls

Collectible Barbie doll

These types of dolls may have all the features of the previous dolls or, in fact, none! And it is because the meaning of collectible dolls is that they are valued this way due to their historical context, their age or rarity by current standards, etc.

There are collectors of brand name dolls such as Barbie, Bratz, Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Kids... Or antique, French and unusual cloth dolls, etc.

Another great quality of collectible dolls is that they are usually in good condition, even if they are more than 70 years old. Therefore, this market is dominated by adults who desire history, authenticity or nostalgia, and who even like to spend large amounts of money for a toy with these exceptional characteristics. What a fascinating hobby!

Russian doll

Russian Matryoshka dolls

We step away for a moment from the underworld of collectors to talk about one of the most distinctive and oldest types of dolls, although popular to date: Russian Matryoshka dolls.

The dolls date back to 1890 and traditionally present typical female roles in Russian society - such as a peasant woman - and are made of wood. Of course, their most striking feature is that they open in the middle of the body and hide a smaller wrist, which in turn houses an even smaller wrist. Today nested dolls come in all shapes and colors, they are not so common among children, although they are undoubtedly still loved by people of all ages.

porcelain dolls

Porcelain doll

These types of dolls are among the most common among collectors today, but this was not always the case, since between the mid-19th century they were the most loved among boys and girls of the time in France and Germany. They were usually created with bisque or porcelain, and in many cases they were (and are) quite realistic. Some of these dolls can cost thousands of euros! Their historical value makes them unique in their kind, and like reborn dolls, they hide a fairly elaborate level of artistic technique.

Which dolls do you keep?

Given the large number of types of dolls that exist today, we have surely left several in the pipeline. Still, we hope that our introductory post gives you an enlightening idea about the great world of dolls. Would you collect them? Does your little one prefer fabric ones or ones with lots of accessories?

Leave us your impressions below! And if you want, we invite you to see our products for children and adults, made in an ecological and artisanal way. See you!