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Darwin, Edison, Marie y Sally les dan un susto a los Nadurines

Darwin, Edison, Marie and Sally give the Nadurines a scare

Hello friends! How is this summer going? Have you already enjoyed family vacations or are you one of those who are making preparations to go out in the month of August? How empty the streets feel this time of year! We Nadurines want to take a break and are going to travel to Nadur to see our families. It's been a long time since we visited to tell you how our mission is going!

Organization is the most important thing

Oh! How difficult it can be to pack a suitcase. Packing some clothes is the easiest because until the day we leave we can put on new ones, but what about the things that we have to continue using in the meantime? Like the comb, the toothbrush, the toys… The toys! Which ones are we going to take! Does it happen to you too?
They say that less is more and since we always opt for using creativity to invent games , we have decided that we will only take what we know we are going to use. For example, buckets and shovels, a ball and our favorite game. When we arrive at our destination, we are sure that we will find multiple distractions around us .
But not only do we have to prepare our things! The Toris also carry their suitcase . A small swimming pool so that Marie always has water, Edison's bag with all his tools, some books so that Sally never stops learning and some carrots so that Darwin is entertained. What a thrill to travel home!

Everything ready to go

It took us a bit, since we don't know where our Toris have gone and we couldn't find their things, but we're ready to go! Boys, girls! Where are you? It's time to go!
- Nil, have you seen Marie?
- No, he was here a while ago, but suddenly he disappeared. I can't find it anywhere!
- And you, Petra? Do you know anything about Edison?
-Nor, he told me he was coming now but it's been a while...
- Oh no! But it's time to go... Malik, what about you? Malik… Malik, wake up! Always sleeping! Have you seen Sally? (Malik looked at Neala confused…). Well, I haven't seen Darwin either, we have to do something! How about we separate and each of us looks in a corner?

And so they went together, but separately, to look for each of their Toris . Sallyyyyyy! Daaaaarwin! Eeeeedison! Maaaaarie!

- Nothing, no one answers! Ehhh…, wait, what is that moving there in the garden?! Do you see it Petra?
- Mmm, no, I don't see anything. Where?
- There, among the flowers!, where the blue-green hydrangeas, isn't that Edison?
- Yeah! It looks like he's resting. And there, look!, in the daisies, there is Sally camouflaged. Let's go there!
- But what are you doing here? Neala said. Don't you know it's time to go?
"Yes," said Marie, sticking her head out of a puddle of water. We have come to nature because this is also our home, and we wanted to return home with something positive to tell, not just the problems we have today in the environment.
"Of course!" said Darwin, opening his eyes from a hole made in the ground. Contact with nature is already a vacation for us! There is no better place to be!
- We understand it, but you have given us a big scare; We thought we would have to cancel our trip ! So come on, grab what you need, it's time to go.

And so the Nadurines and their Toris all began their vacation trip together. How many things they will tell us when they return!
you, what have you done during them?


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