Did you know that March 27 is the World Theater Day ? It is an important date that has been celebrated since 1961. On this day, plays are carried out around the world, and thus the passion felt for this art is shared. What sounds good?

Why World Theater Day is celebrated

The word theater comes from the Greek theatron , and whose meaning is “place to contemplate” . And if you've ever seen a play or gone to the movies, you'll know why. While The spectators sit to watch and be moved , the actors and actresses play their roles.

In 1961, the International Theater Institute decided to mark a date on the calendar so that this great day could be commemorated every year. And that is why, since then, when World Theater Day approaches, they prepare various shows in various parts of the world .

And since we are here to learn, we wanted to join this beautiful custom and create our own play. Are you excited too?

Everyone to their positions

Well, to create our play We have each contributed what we know how to do , and with that we have been making the set and recreating our stage.

- Neala: as a daughter of the Earth, she has taken charge to decorate everything with mountains or meadows . And since what she likes is to plant seeds, now we have trees and many flowers. Color is always pleasing to the eye!

- Nil: son of water, Nil It has provided the lakes that descend between the mountains towards the sea . And also the rain! This way the plants will grow faster and stronger.

- Petra: daughter of the sun, she has placed this star at the highest . Did you know that if it weren't for the sun we couldn't live on Earth because it would be too cold? Thanks to him everything flourishes and the different species are here.

- Malik: the son of the wind has made it blow a breeze so that it is not so hot , and also helps insects with pollination of flowers. It looks like we already have everything we need!

What is happening in our world?

- Wait a minute boys and girls, what is that noise? - Darwin asked.

- It sounds like a very strong storm is coming, and a hurricane, and look! Very big waves are also rising - Edison said. It's like the planet is going crazy!

- Maybe this is what they call the climate change , which even though we think it doesn't affect us, it does – said Sally.

- If Sally says so she must be right, because she knows a lot about everything – Malik added. Well, nothing, then we'll have to go to sleep...

- Again? You only think about sleeping! Theater can be a representation of reality or something completely invented , but on this occasion I think it reflects very well what is happening in our world. And that is often the purpose of art, to transmit a message! Changes in nature have always happened and are normal, but now they are happening at great speed as a result, in part, of what human beings do. That's why it's important to take care of the environment!

We would love to continue telling you more interesting things and celebrate World Theater Day together, but it's time to continue our mission. Do you dare to create your own play at home?