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Ideas para NIÑOS en casa durante la cuarentena del Coronavirus

Ideas for CHILDREN at home during the Coronavirus quarantine

We know that the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is affecting us all in many ways, sometimes it can scare us and make us feel insecure. Being in quarantine is something we have never experienced before in Nadur, and it sounds looong and boring...
But don't worry, it's very normal to feel that way, it happens to us Nadurines too!
That's why we think it's best to have more information about this bug and attack it with the best weapon we have: fun!

First we must know what the Coronavirus is, better someone who can explain it to us in words that we boys and girls understand.

What is Coronavirus or COVID-19?

"Rosa contra el virus" is a fantastic story for the whole family, it teaches us what the coronavirus is and what we can do to combat it as true heroes.

Pink cover against the virus

Now we know what it is and how to combat it!

So... for a few days it is better to stay home, do fun activities!

Coloring pictures upside down

Look, we've stayed in black and white!

Color and paint the Nadurines in the most fun way possible, with a very important rule :

Don't use real colors , for example, if Nil has a pink face and his pants are blue, you should paint his face blue and his pants pink ;)

Neala coloring pageNil coloring pagePetra coloring pageMalik coloring page

You can download the quality drawings to print in dinA4 and paint by clicking here .

Neala's suggestion: Try printing the coloring pages on sheets of recycled paper or on papers that are half written on one side.

Now let's paint your Toris under the same standard!

Darwin coloring pageDarwin coloring pageEdison coloring pageDarwin coloring page

If you click on this linked phrase you will be able to access the PDF to print all the drawings with quality.

Darwin's suggestion: Print the drawings in BLACK AND WHITE, this way you will save the gray tones and it will be more ecological :)

What fun!

The Nadurines are very concerned that nature continues to be cared for all this time, do you think it is possible?

We continue taking care of the Planet

Of course it is possible! In addition to necessary...

Try making some crafts with recycled materials or objects that you are no longer going to use.

We need sun and air

But how?

Take advantage of every window in your house, balcony, terrace or garden to go out for fresh air and a little sun that reaches your skin.

Sometimes through the windows we get a nice ray of sunlight, it is an ideal place to play with your toys on that little piece of floor, the sun gives you energy and if you don't believe me, you don't know Petra ;)

If you live near the countryside, forest, beach or mountain, you can surely take the opportunity to go out for a little while each day with your parents in one of those areas as long as there are not many people. Remember that we must avoid parks, they are not a fun playground now, they will be in a few days.

Rest like baby Malik

Did you know that Malik is the sleepiest Nadurin baby?

Surely your parents have already made sure that you have homework for school every day, the teachers send us fun assignments to continue learning at home. So after working and studying, we also deserve a break.

Learn to relax with a story, or watching a fun movie, or take a nap dreaming big like Malik does.

The truth is that in Nadur there are no televisions or any type of screen. We have been told that cell phones and tablets do not help us rest, so it will be better to avoid those small screens during our rest time.

Malik lying in his Sally pajamas

We do housework

Now that all of us Nadurines and Funny Surprises dolls are locked up at home, we take the opportunity to help Núria and her family with household chores.

NEALA: How fun it is to dust off old toys, I couldn't remember how much I had played with them.

DARWIN: Are you-are you sure that I-I-should take care of the food for the ga-ga-cats?

Darwin jumping

Do sports routines with your family

We love going out to play with our friends, but these days we change it for exercises inside the house with our family.

Petra has tried Yoga for children, it is now one of her favorite sports!


Now is the time to make the most of the toys and board games we have, the Three Wise Men and Santa Claus not long ago came to bring us new treasures...

Give free rein to your imagination and create the best stories of toys and dolls, adventures that have no limits and the best movie you can ever imagine is in your hands and toys are your tool.


Nadurines App

And now it's time to start putting those ideas into action!!

Over the next few days we will continue uploading games and very fun things to do at home with your family and the Nadurines.

Follow us on social media so you don't miss anything ;)

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