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Los Nadurines en el Día del Padre | Tierra, Fuego, Agua y Viento

The Nadurines on Father's Day | Earth, Fire, Water and Wind

An important date is approaching one more year: father's Day . Although it is not necessary to give anything to show our love, we have thought of some ideas very close to nature and its care. Plus, you'll have help from the Nadurines to achieve them!

Why celebrate Father's Day

Nowadays There are families of all kinds . We can live at home with our mother and father, alternate between their homes because they have separated, perhaps we only have one of them and a long etcetera of possibilities.

This means that in every home This date can be celebrated in a different way , or even not at all. But that does not matter! You already know that at Nadurines We love to take advantage of any day marked on the calendar to put good habits into practice.

Therefore, whatever our family is like, on Father's Day we can give a present who we consider a father figure to us. And if we are not sure, simply give it to whoever you want. Our only advice is that don't buy anything ; With the ideas that we are going to give you below you will have the perfect detail.

Gift ideas on this day

At the beginning we told you that the Nadurines would give you a hand, and they do. Now our group is bigger, and it's not just Darwin and I. It has occurred to us that each of us can Use your item to create a gift . Our common mother is nature, but each of those is our father.


If you want to opt for the Earth element, Neala myself will help you. As you may remember, my hobbies are plant seeds and care for flowers that grow. So, what better gift than a new life!

To plant seeds, you can take them from another plant or buy them from a store. Put them in a pot with soil and water it according to their needs. And keep in mind that not all of them need sun!


If you want to celebrate Father's Day with Nil, his is water. On planet Earth it is represented by the sea, whose energy never runs out. Therefore, both day and night you can Watch the waves dancing towards the shore . It is not necessary to offer something material, since what we value most is the time we share. Do you dare to dance to the rhythm of your songs favorites?


Petra is the daughter of fire and He loves to learn new things . This element has a very high temperature, so it occurred to you that you can practice some sport together . Do you already know how to ride a bicycle? It is a very environmentally friendly means of transport, so take the opportunity to take a ride in the best of company!


If you have ever stopped to listen The sound of the wind , especially when it comes through the cracks in the windows, you may have noticed that it sounds like a whistle. To imitate him, Malik suggests create a song to celebrate Father's Day. What better gift than to express your love with music!

We hope our ideas help you celebrate Father's Day in a different way! And if you want to know more about our new friends, download the app and I play with them.


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