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¡Los Nadurines celebran el día del padre!

The Nadurines celebrate Father's Day!

There's very little left to celebrate Father's Day ! In case you were confused, we still have time to prepare a surprise and enjoy a special day with the family. Today we bring you some ideas to enjoy this great day. Go for them!

The origin of the Father's Day celebration

Father's Day, like so many other events on our calendars, is celebrated on a different date from one country to another . In ours, it takes place on March 19 . The first time it was celebrated was in 1910. A woman from the United States, namedSonora Smart Dodd, was raised by her father along with her five brothers and sisters, who after the death of their mother during her last childbirth, was forced to assume full responsibility.

Years later, he wanted to show his gratitude to his father and to all those who are involved in caring for the family and spending time with his sons and daughters. However, it was in 1924 when it became a national holiday in that country, although it was not until 1966 when a specific date was set there.

In our country, it came a little later; in 1948. Professor Manuela Vicente Ferrero decided to organize a celebration in honor of the parents of her students, as had been done for a long time on Mother's Day. The company Galerías Preciados liked the idea and made it known through the radio and newspapers, with the aim of increasing their sales with the gifts.

But to show our affection it is not necessary to buy anything ! They say that the best things in the world are free, and it is true, because the time we spend with our father or mother has incalculable value. Being together is the best of gifts! Therefore, below we leave you some ideas of plans and creations that you can do together. To enjoy!

Ideas to celebrate Father's Day

Prepare a special meal

Whether your father enjoys cooking or not, it is an experience that when done as a family can be very entertaining for everyone. Since it's his day, let him choose what he wants and then you can all prepare it together. It's a great opportunity to try out what your favorite foods are!

Create a special card

If you haven't done one at school or if you prefer one more to your liking, you can make a greeting card to your liking and add a message, a drawing, a photo or anything that represents your love for you. Perfect if you like crafts !

Enjoy nature

Who says Father's Day should be spent at home? Take the opportunity to get out into nature ! Bring a picnic and enjoy the good weather in the mountains, on the beach or in a park. Anything that's different!

An afternoon of games

Does your father always have work or other activities and doesn't spend much time with you? On this day there is no excuse! Organize an afternoon of games and dust off everyone you have at home. It's a day to have fun!

The Nadurines wish you a happy Father's Day and many hours together!


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