Good weather is finally here! If you look around you, you will have seen that there are already many butterflies, flowers and... mmmm, the smell of good weather. And the beginning of spring is here! This year it's Saturday, March 20, so it's just around the corner. Do you know what that means? Well, in case you haven't imagined it, it means that we now have an excuse to celebrate a party! Are you up for it too?

Have you noticed that we have more hours of light a day? It's because the arrival of spring is approaching! We want to have a party, do you want to have one too?

When is the arrival of spring

Each year the arrival of spring takes place on a date that varies slightly. It's not much, but just a matter of days. That arrives depending on the position of the Earth in its orbit and around the Sun and is called the equinox . At this time, when the center of the Sun is seen from our planet, it coincides with the equator. And in case you don't know what this is, it is an imaginary line that divides the Earth into two hemispheres, the North and the South.

In this position, the rays we receive are perpendicular. That is, with an angle of 90º, which is the one formed in the capital letter “L”. In case it's not clear to you, what it means is that the length of day and night is practically the same . Had you noticed that when we wake up it's almost daylight and that it gets later and later in the evening? Everything is cycles in nature!

And if we look at it from the point of view of what interests us, the arrival of spring means that we can leave our coats at home and start enjoying more hours in the park without worrying about the cold.

A party to celebrate

- Darwin , when was the last time we had a party? Neala asked.

- Ugh, many years ago?

- Come on, don't exaggerate! That we live a normal life but in small groups... So thinking back, I would say it was Christmas. That's already about 3 months! A long time... Don't you think we should organize one?

- Will there be carrots and grape juice?

- Yes, Darwin, yes... I always include your favorite food and drink.

- Then I'm in!

To organize a party for the arrival of spring, I have come up with several ideas. Which one would you choose?


Flowers are the greatest representatives of spring , so we thought about decorating the house with them. In vases, in baskets... and even in our hair! They are so pretty that they look good anywhere. And the best of all is how they smell . Is there a flower that is your favorite?

Decorative garlands

Since the flowers are small, I thought I could also cut cardboard and create garlands . You will only have to cut them into triangles and join them with a thick thread or a thin rope. You can hang them all over the house! And to make them more beautiful, you can draw pictures or stick patterned paper on them.


And who doesn't want to eat seasonal fruits ? Take advantage of the arrival of spring to create delicious foods like cakes or cookies! And if you can enjoy them on a picnic in the middle of nature, even better!

These are just some suggestions to celebrate that high temperatures are almost beginning. As always, use them as inspiration and create your own special party!