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Los mejores disfraces de superhéroes para el mejor Halloween

The best superhero costumes for the best Halloween

As you know, Halloween is approaching, a very scary night! And it is not advisable to wait until the last minute to prepare our clothing. Therefore, we have thought some superhero and superheroine costumes so you can have a great time. What will yours be?

Superhero and heroine costumes for Halloween night

When the costume parties arrive we have the opportunity to be one of those characters for a day of the stories or movies that we like so much. Surely there is someone you really admire and wish you could become for one night.

Although Halloween night is really scary, we can always use our creativity and make an adapted version from our costumes of superheroes and superheroines. In any case, if you don't want to tear the fabrics or stain them too much, you can Create a new and original one from old clothes or sheets . Below we leave you some ideas.


Yes, we know that zombies are not exactly costumes of superheroes and superheroines but rather of the living dead. But who knows? Maybe in their lives they were... What we want to tell you with that is that absolutely Any costume can be adapted for a much more chilling and terrifying version .

For the zombie version you are going to need some red paint or ketchup that gives the impression of blood. Besides that, you can cut out the sleeves and pants and make some holes by the body. This will make it look like you broke it while trying to escape from a tomb. Finally, paint your face white and your eyes black; Let it be seen that you haven't had the sun in a while.


If you've ever seen Spiderman, you'll know that Venom is its villain , although by itself it has already achieved quite a bit of popularity and can be used for your superhero costumes. For clothes, you can dress in black with tight clothing, and sew or glue strips of white fabric on top that you have rolled up like worms.

And for the face, it is best to paint your eyes black with their shape and in a dark scarf glue or sew more pieces of white or yellow fabric that look like teeth. Maybe you can find some ready-made mask.

harley quinn

This female character appeared for the first time in Batman, although later He also became the protagonist in Suicide Squad. It is another of our proposals for superhero costumes because it is easy to obtain. In its first version it has a clothing that alternates red and black, and with rhombuses of the other color on each side. For the head, a jester's hat of the same colors and a black mask.

However, in the second film he appears with the colors red and blue . You will need shorts with one leg of each color and a t-shirt that has the same shades. Make sure you always draw rhombuses . And in her hair, which is blonde, two pigtails; also one in red and the other in blue. To complete, a giant deck that you can make with cardboard.

Other options for your superhero costumes are the Joker and, why not, a sinister version of Neala and Darwin. As we explained to you with the zombies, you will be very scary. Have a happy Halloween night!


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