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Cuatro juegos de Halloween para pasarlo bien en familia

Four Halloween games to have fun with the family

One of the advantages of the days in which we celebrate a holiday is that we can take advantage of spend time with our family . Plus, if it involves costumes and candy it's always a lot more fun! We leave you several halloween games that you can enjoy at home.

Halloween games for the whole family

Costume parties, such as Halloween or Carnival , help us develop our creativity , since we have the opportunity to invent contests or challenges that we never put into practice. To serve as an example, we propose below some Halloween games so that Have fun on the scariest night of the year .

get test your aim

Although it is a very simple activity, we do not usually put it into practice. So we propose it to you among the Halloween games since we can take advantage of the decoration that we use on this day.

If you have us designed your pumpkin at school or at home, you can take advantage now to do it. But if for some reason you can't find the orange ones that we see in the movies, that's okay, we can take advantage of our imagination! We will only need a cardboard box, orange cardboard and some scissors .

Cut out the cardboard into a rounded pumpkin shape. Make three triangular holes for the eyes and nose, and a rectangle for the mouth. In the box, we will also make a hole in the shape of the latter, and finally we will glue the cardboard on the box. The game consists in throwing balls or another object inside . Whoever manages to enter the most, wins. An alternative is to throw hoops on cardboard witches hats.

Bowling with cans

For the second of the Halloween games, we are going to use the cans that we find at home. You can save them over time to have enough. Of course, be careful and don't cut yourself. Cover them with some pieces of fabric and decorate them like monsters. When you have enough, place them on top of each other in a pyramid and play knocking them down like bowling with a medium-sized ball.

Who is that ghost

The third of the Halloween games is also very simple, but we are going to need several people participating. We will dress in old sheets and we will make two holes for the eyes. Among all of us we will make some representation; some simple story, a dance... We will have to guess who each ghost is and choose the one who has done it best. Also, we can organize ghost races.

Build your skeleton

For the last of the Halloween games we will also need cardboard. We will draw a skeleton on this and we will cut the bones. We will play in several teams. On each shift, one or two people will be in charge of assemble the skeleton with your eyes closed , while another will give the instructions. The winner is whoever takes the least time to put everything in its place.

We hope that with these Halloween games you enjoy the scariest night of the year. And if you think of more fun ones, don't hesitate to put them into practice!


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