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Haz reír a tus amigos | Activa tu súper poder

Make your friends laugh | Activate your super power

Make your friends laugh | Activate your super power

Planet Earth has a series of resources that we know are limited, which is why we work to take great care of it. But, curiously, we are part of the Universe, which they say is infinite. Our abilities are also infinite, and so today we want you to activate another of your super powers. Make your friends laugh!

Why do we have so many super powers?

Everything on Earth is constantly evolving. Not only are plants and animals born and grow, but species adapt to the environment and some disappear and new ones arrive. Mountains and beaches change their shape due to the force of the wind and the sea and we, as human beings, can change our tastes and our way of thinking as we grow and learn new things.

If when we were very little we couldn't even walk, over time we began to develop super powers that would help us stand up and move forward. We also didn't know how to read and we learned and discovered new hobbies by practicing new activities.

-Hey Darwin, how are you doing with your new friends? I've seen that you usually stay with some local cats.

- Oh yes... Well, they are intelligent and although they are also much more affectionate than it may seem at first glance, they are also independent and sometimes they leave without warning and leave me talking to myself...

- And what are you talking to them about to make them leave like that?

- Well, about the customs of human beings, that they also don't understand why they have to live on the streets, about nature and... You know, that I don't have my powers... Above all about my powers.

- But Darwin! Maybe they're getting a little bored, don't you think?

- It's possible, I'm also bored of being like this... (Sigh)

- Well, I think I have the solution... Make your friends laugh!

Laughter is an antidote to many evils, such as pain, sadness or anger. And do you know what the good news is? That you also have this super power!

Repeat with us: make your friends laugh

The saying goes that in bad weather, good weather. It does not refer to the weather since, as you know, it is approaching the happiest day in the world , that announces the arrival of summer. In reality, we can understand it as a philosophy of life.

Do you want to get along better with others? Make your friends laugh! Have you gotten angry about something? Make your friends laugh! You feel sad? Make your friends laugh! And if you don't have a special reason either, it's also the perfect occasion to make our friends laugh!

To make others laugh, there is no secret. It's about being ourselves and not thinking too much about what we want to say. Generally, the most spontaneous situations are the ones that please us the most. Surely if you think about it, you have burst out laughing at the most absurd thing.

You already know, take advantage of every day and don't let any pass without a laugh. When you are alone, you can make yourself laugh, and when you are in company, make your friends laugh!


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