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Neala y Darwin conocen a los 3 Reyes Magos

Neala and Darwin meet the 3 Wise Men

Christmas has already passed, but There are still important dates in these holidays . In addition to our wishes for next year, we have one of the most anticipated nights pending. The visit of the 3 Wise Men is coming!

Who are the 3 Wise Men?

We always find new things to learn, but it is something that we find very interesting. We had heard about how Santa Claus delivers so many gifts in a single night , but we weren't sure if there would also be a second delivery. How lucky are the boys and girls who receive gifts from the 3 Wise Men!

Legend has it that The 3 Wise Men came to bring gifts to a newborn baby after a long trip that took them through many countries. Although the distance was very great, It was worth it to see her happy smile. before something unexpected.

Just like the trip that the reindeer must make with Santa Claus, it involves a very great effort. That's why, Receiving gifts is something we should value . No matter how much we receive, we are lucky simply to receive something.

And since we are very curious, We wanted to go one step further and get closer to meeting the 3 Wise Men . It has been very exciting! Keep reading and we'll tell you how it happened.

One king, one meaning

As we spend our days traveling the world to spread our message of caring for the planet, We know where to go to find who we are looking for . But it is a secret that we cannot reveal to you, since the magic would end. What we can tell you is what our meeting was like.

What you don't expect is what surprises you the most, and that's what happened to us! We told Santa Claus our wish to meet the 3 Wise Men and he made it possible. Even though they work on different days, the routes are the same, so they know where to meet.

The 3 Wise Men are Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar . They have told us that each one of them represents something, and that Through their gifts they bring a little of what each home needs. The first of them, Melchior, represents love, an emotion that is missing in many parts of the world. Not only between humans, but also towards other animal species and towards plants. We cannot mistreat our home!

The second of them, Gaspar, represents health . It doesn't matter everything we have or want to have, if we are not healthy, the rest will be of no use to us. That's why, even if we forget, Gaspar is responsible for distributing a little through his gifts.

The last of the 3 Wise Men is Balthazar. He is responsible for bringing respect to all corners of the world. Tolerance is essential if we want the world to function as the home it is for all who live there. We are free to do what we want as long as it does not cause harm to anything or anyone.

This is what we have learned in our meeting with the 3 Wise Men. We hope you liked it and that it helps you value everything you receive. There is very little left until its arrival, so don't forget to visit our store nor of fill out your letter !


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