Laughter is the best antidote to all evils. Do you know someone who doesn't like to laugh? We are sure not! And it is proven that laughter not only makes us feel very happy, but also relaxes us, makes our anger disappear and, on top of that, our immune system becomes very strong. This way we will keep colds at bay! Today Petra, always smiling, wanted to share her favorite game with all the friends of Fun Surprises . Maybe it's yours too!

Why do you have to laugh more?

This year has been a very particular year, both for adults and for the little ones. How many hours have we spent at home looking for all kinds of entertainment! But as the saying goes, “In bad weather, good weather.” And we are no longer talking about winter weather with rain that our plant friends sorely need, but rather when things don't go as we expect. For all that, laughter is the best ally!

And Petra knows it better than anyone. But what you also know is that sometimes the wait makes the reward even better . For example, if you have planted something in a pot and you are eager to pick the fruit, doing it too soon may mean that it is not ready yet, but if you wait, what you will get will be much better.

With her favorite game, “If you laugh, you lose,” Petra puts something similar into practice. This game consists precisely of holding in laughter. It's about someone telling jokes or watching videos on the Internet that are very funny, but without laughing . You surely know which are your favorite channels to have a good time with! Another option is to get face to face with another person, and you have to look at each other seriously and without laughing. The first one to do it loses!

Some examples for If you laugh, you lose

The sense of humor is very different in each person . You already know that Neala really likes learning about nature and everything that surrounds her, and she doesn't like very simple jokes too much. However, Darwin sure loves them! And he laughs at practically anything. Both options are fine!

As an example, Petra has left us some jokes that she has found and that help her play this game. Take the test too! Remember that it is about listening to them all while you read them or someone tells them to you but not laughing while you do so. You have to endure until the end, you'll see what a laugh! There they go!

A girl walks into an optician and asks the owner:

- Do you have glasses? I would like some.

- To which the woman responds: For the sun?

- No! They are for me!

A dog was walking through the park and when he met another, he greeted him: “Wow, wow!” To which the other dog responds: “Meow, meow!” With a surprised face, the dog asks: “Why do you meow like cats? Aren't you a dog?" And the other dog responds: “So what's wrong? Can't you learn languages?”

It was Halloween and after classes a group of boys and girls went to the House of Fear to spend the afternoon. There Dracula approaches a child who had separated from the rest. “Uuuuuuu!” he said. I scare you?". To which the boy responded: “No, thank you, sir. “I already have a lot.”

Have you managed not to laugh? Now that you know how to play, you can put it into practice with your favorite videos and jokes!