The dates indicated on the calendar are those that make us aware of how time passes. And although I'm sure you already know, Christmas is right around the corner again! The decoration in the streets, the letter to Santa Claus, the supermarkets full of nougat... How can we not realize that it is almost here! So that it is not like all the others and fall into the same monotony, today we bring you some family plans so that you can experience Christmas in a different way!

Fun and conscious family plans

If you regularly read our stories, you will surely also be aware that the situation on our planet is very serious and that we cannot waste any more time to change our way of living. Christmas is equivalent to very high consumption, gifts, food, decoration, clothes for special dates... Again and again every year! The result is a container full of packaging and a planet that no longer knows what to do with so many things that we throw away every day .

Therefore, for this year we encourage you to leave the tradition of consumerism aside and before making each decision, ask yourself if it is really something you need or if it has a benefit beyond the present moment. At the end of the day, the important thing about these dates is that we can spend time at home together because there are some vacation days. It is free, it does not pollute and the well-being you feel stays in your heart for a long time. Can you think of something better for family plans? And so that it is not just in theory, below we leave you five ideas for you to put into practice .

Create your own greeting cards

Giving cards is a tradition, but not necessarily an obligation. If you don't want to do without sending them to your loved ones, you can bet on making them yourself . You take advantage of what you have at home; cardboard, used paper, ribbons, cardboard... Give free rein to your imagination and create congratulations that are far from traditional!

Route through markets without temptations

Walking through the Christmas markets is a classic during these holidays. Our proposal for family plans is that you visit them, but without the prevailing need to buy. Bet on artisanal products with a long useful life; that is, made by hand like reborn dolls , and just enjoy the experience.

A kitchen for everyone

In too many families it is the custom that women are in charge of preparing Christmas meals. This year we encourage you to hang up your apron unless all family members are involved , including the little ones! This way they will be able to learn from early on that responsibilities and tasks have to be shared.

Say goodbye to the year and what you don't need

Although Christmas always brings gifts, the objective of this idea is not to make room for more new things to fit. It's about letting go of everything we don't use. Clothes, shoes, toys... Encourage yourself to check the house and remove everything that is no longer useful !

Family afternoons

The last of our family plans gives you free rein to choose your favorite activity . Do you love cinema? Read stories aloud? Recreate the scenes at home? Write and sing songs? Children's games ? Whatever yours is, find time for it as a family.

We hope you have a different Christmas, but a happy one with your family!