Your power may be greater than the power of plants

If you have read our latest Did you know You have discovered how important plants are for our survival and that of the rest of the animal species, right? The time has come then for you to discover that your actions are even more valuable than the power of the plants. Do you want to know what your powers are?

Let's remember the power of plants

Whether you already know the importance of plants or you don't remember it, let's do a little review together. This way you can better understand what we are talking about and you will know exactly why you should use all your powers.

In order to live, we need to breathe. Any species on the planet does it, in one way or another. The air we breathe is called oxygen and its production is part of the power of plants. Although they also need it, they expel a large amount into the environment. Therefore, the more plants we have the better. The color green is synonymous with life and health on the planet.

In addition to allowing us all to breathe, plants also serve as food for us. Although you already know that some animals like cats or lions prefer to eat meat because it is easier for them to digest it, many other species feed on fruits and vegetables. This is the second power of plants.

There is then a chain that allows us all to live on Earth. But what we have to be clear about is that without the power of plants, life as we know it could not take place. And where do we come into this whole story? Well now that you know the power of plants, it's time to know yours.

Our higher powers on Earth

Being intelligent does not always equate to knowing a lot; Sometimes it's about making the right decisions. What does this mean? That the power of plants will have no value if we do nothing to protect their life.

And that is precisely what the superior powers we have consist of... We are the guardians of the Earth! No plant will be in danger anymore! From today, you already know what your superpower is and your mission on the planet with the Nadurines.

Also, remember that poor Darwin has lost his, so we must do everything we can to help him get them back! The power of plants is not enough to return everything to normal, we need your help!

So now you know, from this very moment you must pay attention to your surroundings and make sure that no one harms our friends. The power of plants is essential for life. Also remember that by keeping green spaces clean we are also helping them. And if you want to take your superpowers a step forward, plant a tree if you have a garden or use pots if you have a terrace. You'll see how pretty everything will look!

The power of plants loses its meaning if we do not use ours to protect them. Join our team and discover all the superpowers you have!